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Red Reposter: Redsfest Recappin', and today's links

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Since we didn't spend a ton of time at Redsfest this year, and I didn't get too many pictures, I'm not going to spend an entire article on our time there. Long story short, it was a Redsfest experience that was remarkably similar to every other Redsfest experience we've ever had. Autograph lines, places to buy stuff, advertising booths, and $7 beers. Still, I have a few thoughts.

  • The biggest difference this year compared to years past was the kids section being moved upstairs. This drastically eased a lot of the congestion on the floor. Huge win for the organization here, in my book. In past years, the aisles were so crowded that you couldn't walk, and that issue was nonexistent this year.
  • They moved the Better Off Red section to its own booth, but despite a huge crowd (solely due to BP and his "I Heart Haters" hat), we managed to stop by at the end to say hello to James and Lisa. We're still his favorite blog, don't worry.
  • I had the chance to hit up the VIP event hosted by Group Sales by a buddy of mine, and didn't pass up my first shot at something like that. Unknowingly, this letter was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from Redsfest that night:


Yep. The Reds sent me (and RR) our OWN invite, but I didn't get it until the day of the event. Way to go, guys.

  • The event was pretty cool. When I got up there, Big Brox and Xavier Paul were already up there signing, and as the event went on, Hoover, Heisey, Latos, Redmond, and Mesoraco trickled in to sign. The coaching staff were also in the house, except for Dusty. Here's a few pics:
Blurry coaches meeting, but that's Jacoby, Price, Stefanski, Speier, and Porky Lopez from left to right.

Is this the first time we've seen Mat smile?


And J.J. Hoover looks like a dude who bought a jersey downstairs.


Anyway, on to today's links.

Rob Neyer: Breaking down the Choo deal

The article mostly talks about Didi and Arizona, but it seems like it echoes most of baseball's reaction that the Choo deal is a slight win for the Reds.

R.J. Anderson: Explaining Stubbs' epic decline

Anderson breaks down what's happened to Stubbs the last two years, and honestly, it makes me glad that he's not something we have to worry about anymore.

Fay: A few minor league managerial changes

With Bell bolting to Chicago, Jim Riggleman will take the reins in Louisville next year. Delino DeShields takes over in Pensacola from Dayton, and Jose Nieves is the new man at 5/3 field. I think it's nice that Billy Hamilton will have a manager he's familiar with. Tony Fossas moves from Billings to Dayton in the pitching coach capacity, which means Tom Browning will move somewhere else within the organization.

Fay: Paring down the roster

As it stands, the Reds roster has 27 players for 25 spots. Obviously, it's incredibly early to be thinking about this, but based on the list of names he mentions, ship Leake and Ondrusek to AAA and you're done.

Redleg Nation: More roster speculation

They came to the same conclusion I did in the above paragraph. They're smart guys, those RLNers.

BA Podcast: Breaking down the Reds trade

I haven't listened to this yet, but Baseball America broke down our trade. I'm sure it's awesome.

Ok, I leave you with our final parting shot from Redsfest.... enjoy.