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Red Reporter internal memo: A peaceful transition of power

Bye, suckers... oh, hey suckers.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

"I think sports fandom is a fantastic gift, with almost immeasurable value... It's a proxy for real life, but better. It renews itself. It's constantly happening in real time. There are conflicts that seem to carry real consequences, but at the end of the day, don't. It's war where nobody dies. It's a proxy for all our desires and hopes. I mean, heck, what's not to like about sports?" -- Stephen Dubner

INTERNET, OH -- I wasn't sure how much gravity to give this. In the past, there's been a relatively clean break when a manager departs. For better or worse, this time is different.

I started a graduate program this fall and have been a little overwhelmed with commitments. No one really likes to hear about how you are overwhelmed with commitments though, so let's pretend I'm doing groundbreaking research (I'm not).

Because of this - and because he's one of the most-qualified and knowledgeable heads around here - Brandon (BK) is the new manager of Red Reporter. His veteran leadership is unquestioned. We should all be grateful he's stepped into the role. It can be a thankless job at times. BK is in a better position than I ever was to make sure Red Reporter remains a community and not just a blog.

I'm going to continue to write regularly, as often as possible. Despite radical changes over the last two years alone, on SB Nation and in my personal lfie, I still love writing here. So, for better or for worse, I'm just going to hop back into my previous role as writer.

I don't want to speak for BK, but I don't think this is a seismic change in the site. At least not right away.

While there are certain managerial duties I began to feel were slightly out of reach on my current schedule, it was a pleasure being blog manager. I'd do it all again and, as much as I'm needed, will continue to help see that things run smoothly.

Since I'm not leaving, I guess I don't need to reiterate how grateful I am to virtually know so many cool people. Or say how rare and interesting it is to find like-minded, generally civil strangers on the internet. This place, very honestly, is a source of daily joy.

I'll see you in the comments.