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Red Reposter - Cueto was jobbed & what is Chapman's job?

Off-season awards and questions abound regarding Chapman's future role....

Andy Lyons
  • Cueto was jobbed, according to ESPN Sweet Spot - It's easy for us to play this card, especially after Johnny Cueto was snubbed from the NL All-Star team this year. We've had our fair share of Reds players overlooked for major awards, but this might be the most egregious in recent memory. You could make a case that Kershaw should win the Cy Young award this year, but it's impossible to explain why Cueto is not a finalist.
  • Baseball Prospectus weighs in on the controversy surrounding Chapman's future role - I've been firmly in the "Let him start" camp since the Reds signed Aroldis Chapman. However, the piece at BP points to a few problems that could result from a move to the rotation. For one, Walt Jocketty would be forced to focus his attention (once again) to signing some quality to arms for the back of the bullpen, thus diverting his attention (and resources) away from acquiring a bat for left-field. There's no easy choice here...
  • Baker & Frazier up for BBWAA's top awards - Todd Frazier is one of three finalists for the NL Rookie of the Year award while Dusty Baker is among the finalists for NL Manager of the Year. In my estimation, neither is likely to win, but it's nice to see some more recognition for our beloved Reds.
  • Wilson Valdez won an award - Well, not really an "award," but his game-winning squeeze bunt on June 8th was named "Best Sacrifice Without An Error" by Fangraphs.
  • Yasmani Grandal was suspended for 50 games - That means 2 of the 4 players traded for Mat Latos have, at some point, received 50 game suspensions for using PEDs. If you didn't like the Latos deal before this news, you probably should now...
  • Silver Slugger awards are being announced right now - Mike Leake???