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Red Reposter - Reds working to get Chapman in the rotation

The Reds are hard at working trying to find a suitable closer so they can get Aroldis Chapman in the rotation. That's really good. Also in this edition: some Leatherpants and Backwards BroYo, but nothing about BroYo wearing leatherpants on backwards.

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Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE
  • The Reds are looking to get a replacement closer so they can move Aroldis Chapman to the rotation
    So says Jon Heyman. He says the Reds' top targets are Jonathan Broxton, Ryan Madson, and Joakim Soria. Madson and Soria are both coming off missed seasons due to Tommy John surgery, and Broxton gonna Brox.

    This is most definitely the right move to make. They would be remiss to not give Chapman a chance to show what he can do as a starter, so it is incumbent upon them to make it happen. I would imagine Madson could be had for a reasonable deal, as the Reds have just paid him $4.5 mil in the past few weeks due to declined options and deferred payments. They still owe him another $2 mil next Nov 1. So maybe they can make that work out.

    I have a feeling Broxton will be out of the team's price range. He pitched well last season and will probably earn a multi-year deal. Soria is an interesting guy, as he just earned $6 mil last season and is coming off Tommy John. He could likely be had for a one-year deal, similar to the position Broxton was in last season. Honestly, I don't really care who they get and how much they pay for them, because the value of getting Chapman into the rotation is worth whatever it takes.

  • The Fay runs down Leatherpants' free agent projections
    Angel Pagan and Shane Victorino are both pretty popular options around these parts, but at three years and around $30 mil, I'm not sure the Reds can afford either of them. Bowden has Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Ludwick both getting two guaranteed years. Fay opines that the Reds could get one or the other and fill the vacant spot with Todd Frazier, which I think is a pretty good idea.

  • Todd Frazier won the Players Choice Award for best NL Rookie
    The other finalists were Wade Miley and Bryce Harper, so maybe Frazier has a chance of winning the BBWAA award, too. He wasn't too concerned about it though, as he's busy cleaning up his native Jersey: "There were a ton of people who very thankful just to have diapers for their baby. It’s very sad to see. There’s huge rebuilding process going on. You’ve got to keep doing what you have to do. We’ll be fine. Jersey people are strong."

  • andromache gets really nerdy

    I saw her in the hallway yesterday and had to make fun of her and knock the books out of her hands, but it was only to show off in front of my friends. Secretly, I think she's awesomecalculators. She puts together an all-star team of the best Reds players to ever wear prime numbers. It's probably the only way Hal Morris and his lazy bat would ever get on an all-time Reds all-star team.

  • FanGraphs profiles the most backwards pitchers in baseball

    and it should come as no surprise to Reds fans that Bronson Arroyo tops the list. He throws the fewest fastballs in traditional fastball counts, and throws more fastballs in non-fastball counts. Check out the whole thing. Neat read.

  • Red Hot Mama passes on the news that Brandon Phillips received the first-ever Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award
    One player is chosen from each team, so it's probably not surprising that BP is the Reds' rep. He's pretty good at the defense.