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A Red Reposter for your Black Friday

As you wake from your food coma or stand in line at a local mall, enjoy these links from the past few days.

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Report: Scott Rolen told Reds he may play in 2013

The best case scenario for Rolen would seem to be a utility or backup role, but I am skeptical that he would really help the Reds in either position. For one, Rolen has not played a single defensive inning at any position other than third base. That type of defensive history does not really lend itself to a utility role. Second, Rolen has not really hit well enough for one to expect him to play a role as a pinch-hitter. That really only leaves a slot as a late-innings defensive replacement, but only at third base. Rolen would also get a start or two per week at third. I am sure that there is some value in that role, but is that really the best use of a precious roster spot? Personally, I would like the Reds to sign a defense-first infielder that can handle multiple positions or a decent bench bat.

Former Reds pitcher Frank Pastore injured in motorcycle accident

The former Red was injured when he was thrown from his motorcycle due to a collision with an automobile. Pastore suffered severe head trauma and was immediately taken to a local hospital. He pitched for the Reds from 1979 through 1985. During that time, the right-hander compiled a 45-57 record with a 4.30 ERA (86 ERA+) in 937 innings. After baseball, Pastore became a Christian radio talk show host in California. His show (The Frank Pastore Show) is the largest Christian talk show in the United States (Wikipedia).

Boston gives Jonny Gomes 2 years, $10 million

Gomes hit .262/.377/.491 with 18 home runs and 47 RBI in 333 plate appearances for the A's last season. Gomes, who has also played for the Rays, Reds and Nationals, absolutely crushes left-handed pitchers. Last season he hit .299/.413/.561 against lefties and in his career, he's hit .284/.382/.512 against lefties, versus .223/.307/.425 against right-handers.

Congratulations to the former Red on a very nice multiyear deal!

Rose getting into the Hall of Fame is still a thorny issue for Bench

The questioner noted, as many Rose supporters do, that some people who have used performance-enhancing drugs may get into the Hall of Fame while Rose will not.

. . .

Bench said that he has been on three committees that spelled out ways that Rose could be taken off the ineligible list and make himself eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame and said: "He failed to do it every time."

I am glad to see that Johnny Bench is not willing to compromise on Pete Rose's gambling issue. I have no idea what type of relationship Bench and Rose have. They can both be prickly, so maybe Bench is simply taking a shot here. Regardless, if Rose really has had the opportunity to make amends and has failed to do so, then I have no sympathy for Charlie Hustle.

CSN Bay Area: Report: Free agent Burriss inks deal with Reds

-ManBearPig linked to this story on Wednesday afternoon. I do not want to repeat the discussion from Wednesday, but I would like to look at Emmanuel Burriss' career arc a bit to get a feel for his potential upside and downside. Burriss has spent all five seasons of his major league career with the San Francisco Giants as a utility player. Last year, he appeared in 60 games for the G-Men, though he only made 150 plate appearances. Burriss slashed .213/.270/.221 (.224 wOBA, 39 wRC+) in 2012. Those numbers are, frankly, awful. A .224 wOBA is better than either Miguel Cairo or Wilson Valdez's 2012 wOBA (.214 and .209 respectively), but that figure is also worse than Drew Stubbs' 2012 mark of .271. As a point of reference, the 2012 NL average wOBA was .314.

Unfortunately, Burriss has not been much better throughout the rest of his career. He played pretty well in his debut season in 2008 when he wOBA'd .314 in 274 plate appearances with average-ish defense at second base and shortstop. However, Burriss' wOBA slumped to .256 (220 PA) in 2009 before making only five plate appearances in 2010. If one was a George Grande-level optimist, then Burriss' 2012 season could qualify as a bounce-back year after his career worst season in 2011. That year, he wOBA'd .217 in 152 plate appearances.

On the bright side, Burriss has good career baserunning numbers (40 SB to 15 CS). Advanced defensive metrics vary as to their opinion of his glove, but they tend to think of him as slightly below average or poor. All in all, the signing is less than inspiring, especially coming on the heels of Melky Cabrera's 2/$16M deal with Toronto. Hopefully, Burriss can produce something similar to Edgar Renteria's 2011 season rather than Wilson Valdez's 2012 season.