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Red Reposter: The Future of the Rotation

Lock 'em up or let 'em ride?

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Pitch Face
Pitch Face
Jamie Sabau

Fay: The Reds Should Lock Up Bailey and Latos

One way to look at the Jeremy Guthrie signing is to just say LOL Dayton Moore and move on. But after seeing how much money that a middle of the rotation starter (at best) just got paid, Fay thinks about the future of the Reds rotation.

This is something we have discussed around here a bit. Cueto and Bailey are both 26, and have 3 years left on their current deals*. Latos is two years younger, and is under control for 4 more years. I think for the Reds, priority numero uno one should be buying out Latos' arbitration years and add a couple free agent years as well if they can. There's a chance that Latos has a Cy Young caliber year over the next few seasons and prices himself out of Cincinnati. I think the deal they signed with Cueto would be a good starting point for the negotiations, giving the Reds cost certainty, and giving Latos some security over the next 4-5 years.

*The Reds have a club option for 2015.

Bailey is a bigger question mark. Is the Homer we saw in September and October the real Homer, or was it just another flash of brilliance before a return to mediocrity? If he has actually turned the corner, the Reds would be well served to lock him up this offseason, as opposed to next.

The Reds would probably be wise to let Cueto walk after his current deal expires. His size has always been a concern, and opposed to a big ol' hoss like Latos, he's a likely candidate for some serious age-related regression as he enters his 30's.

Larkin Leads Brazil to the WBC

The Brazilian team shocked the baseball world when it rolled through the qualifying round, narrowly beating favorites (and host team) Panama in a 1-0 final game. Brazil beat Panama, coached by Larkin's former teammate Roberto Kelly, 3-2 in the opening game, before whooping up on Columbia to make the final. This will be the first trip to the WBC for Brazil.

"It doesn't matter who you're playing against, it doesn't matter where you play, it doesn't matter when you play," Brazil manager Barry Larkin said. "If you have a plan, a mentality, if you execute, if you do the small things -- you can win. You can play with anyone in the world."

The Big Red Machine Game

I know Charlie linked to this yesterday, but it's freaking fantastic.

Craig Robinson Switches His Allegiance

Craig Robinson does not like Rupert Murdoch. After learning that News Corp now owns a stake in the New York Yankees, the man behind Flip Flop Fly Ball can no longer root for his adopted favorite team. Here he takes you along on his quest to find a new team.

Reds Sign Emmanuel Burriss

Looks like Burriss, who has played every position in his career except catcher, pitcher and centerfield, will be in the running for the Cairo role for 2013. /shrugs