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Red Reposter: Increasing payroll and dynamic pricing

Will the payments to Ludwick and Madson combined with Super 2 status for a couple of other Reds cost Cincinnati in 2013?

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Joe Robbins

Fay: Ludwick, Madson will get buyouts

Although both players declined their mutual options with the Reds, Cincinnati still owes Ludwick and Madson money as the buyout amounts are essentially deferred payments. In addition, Heisey and Ondrusek qualified for Super 2 status. All told, these developments will likely cost Cincinnati an additional four or five million dollars in payroll in 2013. Finally, Fay reports that Donald "The Big Knockwurst" Lutz broke a finger in the Arizona Fall League. The Reds do not think the injury will have long term effects, but the organization is shutting down Lutz for the rest of the AFL season.

Can Cincinnati Reds score with ‘dynamic' ticket pricing?

Unfortunately, part of the article is paywall'd, but the Reds will join the wave of teams moving away from traditional ticket pricing next year. There was talk in the past that the Reds would switch to dynamic pricing in 2012, but that change never materialized. For those unfamiliar or skeptical about dynamic ticket pricing, J.C. Bradbury had a nice article on the subject a couple of years ago.

Heyman: Marlins hire Mike Redmond

Redmond is beloved in the Marlins organization from his days as a catcher there, and received endorsements from former Marlins stars such as Mike Lowell. Redmond, a longtime CAA client, played for the Marlins from 1998-2004, batting .284. He was well known for hardly ever making an error. Redmond also played for the Indians and Twins.

"He is going to be very good, he's a former catcher who was paying attention,'' says a former boss with another team. "He's really good with players and understands pitching well.''

Says another, "He did a great job in A ball the last couple years. The only question is experience.''

Redmond is also famous for taking batting practice in his birthday suit.

Report: Rick Ankiel considering switching back to pitching

The possibly former former-pitcher-turned-outfielder is drawing interest from the Cardinals. I am sure that St. Louis will sign Ankiel, and he will put up a 2.14 ERA in 210 innings for the Cardinals.