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Red Reposter: Rule 5 draft deadline, Hamilton's fall, Didi's dash

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John Grieshop

Doug Gray at Reds Minor Leagues asks: "Who gets protected from the Rule 5 Draft?"
This is always a source of speculation and confusion every November. The Reds have until the end of tomorrow to "protect," i.e. add to the 40-man roster, any player who is eligible to be drafted under Rule 5. Following a recent rule change, this means any player signed at 18 or younger who has been a pro for 5 years or any player signed at 19 or older who has been a pro for four. Put another way, college guys drafted in 2009 or high school guys drafted in 2008.

I usually forget how it works every year and just use the trial and error method to figure out who is eligible to be taken in the Rule 5 draft. Doug is a lot more rigorous, giving us a list of players who are eligible AND might generate even a modicum of interest from other clubs.

He'd generally know better than me, but I didn't think Yorman Rodriguez is eligible. He signed in 2009 at Age 16. I'm also pretty sure Mark Serrano would be eligible. As near as I can tell, the Reds will protect AT MOST four guys. Daniel Corcino is the highest priority, but Josh Fellhauer, Serrano and Theo Bowe would be my other picks.

EDIT: Even though Yorman didn't play until 2009, he was signed in August 2008, so it's looks like he's probably eligible. I'm not sure any team would have a place to put him, but the Reds invested too much in his bonus to take the chance. Hat tip to @dougdirt24

Doug also has his 2013 Top 25 Prospects List finished

MLB is pursuing a policy of containing Billy Hamilton's speed with barrier fences has video of Hamilton's collision with an outfield fence in Saturday's Arizona Fall League championship game. He left the game with "back spasms" - always ominous - but did not limp off the field and seems to be OK.

Fay confirmed Hamilton was OK
He also reports that Reds farmhands Tim Crabbe, Josh Ravin and Curtis Partch pitched in the final game. All three are Rule 5 eligible.

Video: "Gregorius robs Goodwin with a running grab"
Didi's defense is well-documented, but I started thinking about his speed after watching this clip. He hasn't stolen much in the minors, but what if he had the green light more often?

Rob Butcher checks in one final time from the World Baseball Classic qualies in Taiwan
Gird your loins, because the nation will be in the grips of WBC fever for the next few months.

Better Off Red looks at offseason exploits of Reds employees