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Todd Frazier is going to be the Reds' 3B in 2013 (probably)

Walt Jocketty says he has Frazier "penciled in" as his starting third baseman.

Hot dog, hot corner
Hot dog, hot corner
John Grieshop

It's not anything earth-shattering or shock-waving or hyphenating-a-verb-to-make-it-an-adjectiving, but it is news all the same. Our boy Shelly Shell Shell Sheldon reports that Jocketty has Todd Frazier 'penciled-in' at third base for next season.

I think it is all but a foregone conclusion that Scott Rolen is retiring, but even if he isn't, it's not like he would be given the starting job if he were to come back to Cincinnati. Walt may be able to coax him back for one more year in the Miguel Cairo role, but I figure Old Man would prefer to stay home and raise his kids than play 50 games of back-up third base.

I think the most important takeaway from this is that it shows that the Reds are taking a very narrow view of their off-season possibilities. One of Frazier's most-valuable assets is his flexibility. He can play either left field or third base (or right field or first base or probably even shortstop or second base, in a pinch) and hit well enough to stick (hopefully). And so the Reds could look at the markets for both left fielders and third basemen in attempt to improve the club in the best and most-efficient way possible. But I suppose that's out the window. They are looking for a left fielder, and that is that. Sorry, Kevin Youkilis fans. He ain't coming back home.

Well, I suppose there is a chance. I mean, Walt wrote it down in pencil, not pen. He didn't spray paint it on the Roebling Bridge. But yeah, I'm guessing we'll see Ryan Ludwick back and maybe a cheap closer, and that's probably all we will see this winter. TRHNMAATTNO.