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2012 Manager of the Year (6pm, MLBN) and Reds Hot Stove League (6pm, WLW) Open Thread

Will anything happen?


For an off-season night in mid-November, this is a pretty full dance card. Notice that I say "dance card," rather than "rave schedule."

Every Tuesday, WLW is doing their Hot Stove League show, chock-full of off-season musings. I remember when I found out that this existed growing up. Say what you will about unsubstantiated rumors and barrel-scraping chatter, but it was a revelation to learn that you could still talk and think about baseball during the winter.

Recently, WLW has been doing the Hot Stove League shows down by the ballpark at the Holy Grail. Probably the most newsworthy thing about this edition - at least for our audience - is that it will be hosted by Jim Day. Bronson will also be making an appearance.

From Jamie Ramsey:

Tomorrow's Hot Stove League radio show will be broadcast live from the Holy Grail (at the Banks). Jim Day will host the hour-long program. Bronson Arroyo is expected to call in to chat about baseball and Hurricane Sandy relief. You're encouraged to stop by and see the show live and take in the fun that you could only experience in-person. Trust me, it's a blast.

Tonight we're also going to hear about the Manager of the Year Awards in the NL and AL. This is the Reds' last shot at winning an award that we didn't make up. And, wouldn't you know it, Johnn Cueto snubbed again.

I'm fully expecting a whiff on this one too, though I think Dusty will fare better than Frazier did last night. That would make the Reds 1-9 in major award nominations:

Gold Gloves: 0-6 (Arroyo, Votto, Phillips, Cozart, Stubbs, Bruce)

Silver Slugger: 1-1 (Bruce)

ROY: Nope

Manager of the Year: Probably not

Rather than being any kind of major injustice, I think it makes more sense to dwell on the number of nominations as a reminder of how good this team was. If Votto had missed, say, two weeks less and Cueto had not been permanently black-listed, they'd have a rep for every major award.

Here, let's give Cueto an award before we forget.




Dusty Baker, Reds
Bruce Bochy, Giants
Davey Johnson, Nationals


Bob Melvin, A's
Buck Showalter, Orioles
Robin Ventura, White Sox


NL: Davey Johnson

AL: Buck Showalter