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Todd Frazier finishes 3rd in National League Rookie of the Year Voting

John Grieshop

It's fashionable to think of Bryce Harper as something of a dingus, but he probably deserved the Rookie of the Year Award. And so did Wade Miley, who lost by just 7 points. But also so did Todd Frazier, who lost by a lot. What he lacked in defense and hype, he made up for in Tale Tales.

And maybe "Yonder Alonzo" deserved it too, assuming that's the Wario equivalent of Yonder Alonso they have listed on the BBWAA site. If you need a reason to think the Writers are still a little behind the times, go visit that website.

There's some interesting detail there though - on how the vote shook out, including the votes of all 32 NL writers who cast ballots. Frazier received 3 first place votes, including one from John Erardi of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Tom Groeschen went with Bryce Harper.

The other two first place voters for Frazier were Kevin Cooney of the Bucks County Courier Times and Bill Center of "U-T San Diego," which I'll guess is the University of Texas at San Diego. Not sure why a fictitious college had a vote.

The tricky thing about this award is that, if you're just comparing Harper and Frazier, the gap is almost entirely based on defense and position. If you're a skeptic about Harper's defense - or the ability to quantify it - then stuff like Frazier's crucially clutch cover-job during the Votto injury become more relevant.