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Red Reposter - Ludwick Looms, Wright-Reds Rumors

Linking, thinking and drinking our way through the off-season.

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Jonathan Daniel

Short and sweet today. Hopefully the news picks up as the Reds add the final pieces to the 2013 Championship team in the coming months.

  • Not surprisingly, Ryan Ludwick has declined his $5 million option with the Reds - Jocketty seems optimistic that Ludwick will still be with the Reds next season. Ludwick is looking for a multi-year deal, and the Reds don't appear willing to offer more than 2 years. There will certainly be some market for the aging left fielder, but Scott Rolen's last 2 seasons should be a lesson to the Reds. The Reds are also interested in bringing Dioner Navarro back. It never hurts to have a serviceable catcher in the fold, but you have to wonder if the Reds are overreacting to a poor (albeit limited) rookie season from Devin Mesoraco.
  • Over at ESPN New York, they float the idea of the Mets trading David Wright - The Reds are mentioned as a possible suitor. This is nothing more than speculation from the writer. Even so, the idea is interesting. Wright is in the final year of his current deal and is due to make $16 million next season. With the large financial commitments made to Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips last year, the Reds would likely be getting Wright for just one season, should this hypothetical play out. With that in mind, it seems highly unlike that the Reds would pursue such a trade.
  • Baseball's most selective hitters, according to Fangraphs - The method to determine "selective hitters" seems solid in my estimation. Some may be surprised to see Jay Bruce on the list, ranking as the 10th most selective hitter in MLB last year. Former Reds prospect Yonder Alonso leads the pack.
  • Reds 2013 Top Prospects (#6-10) by Doug Gray - is in the process of ranking the Reds' prospects heading into 2013. Coming in at #10 is 19 year old, "Here Comes" Yorman Rodriguez. If the youngster can harness all of his ability he could really be special.