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Red Reposter: All Hail King BroYo

It's that damn Bronson! He's so hot right now!

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

FanGraphs: Jeff Sullivan breaks down Game 2 in regard to the starting pitchers. Highlights Bronson's superlative start (with charts, pictures and GIFs!)

We were treated to Incredibleroyo last night. His performance in Game 2 was arguably the best start of his career, and he went about it in a way only Bronson could. He mixed his pitches, mixed his arm angles, and mixed his velocity to keep the Giants batters off balance and flailing at floaters all night long.

McCovey Chronicles: Grant Brisbee goes through the Five Stages of Grief after a demoralizing loss.

I almost don't like the fact that the Reds are making Giants fans go through this torture. There are some great writers and tweeps that cover the Giants that I respect a whole lot, Brisbee first and foremost. We know how they feel after the awful 2010 beatemdown at the hands of the Phils. But then again, they got their parade in 2010, so I can't feel that bad. Even in grief, Grant still manages to bring the lulz:

[Stage 4]

Mumbling to yourself
Really, all I'm mumbling to myself are the lyrics to Stone Temple Pilots' "Plush", and I'm imagining Bronson Arroyo singing them. This is because I hate myself and the choices I've made.

Paul Daughtery sticks it to the #FarrDusty contingent.

While he still manages to get a dig in at the SABR-straw man for some reason, Doc offers praise of Dusty's decision making on Saturday night. It's been said before, but it does bear repeating, that Dusty knows his players and his players love playing for him and respect the hell out of him. Not only did Baker look smarter than the rest of us in Game One, but Bronson's effort last night, coupled with Stubbs not being a black hole in the bottom of the order should have a lot of folks eating crow today. #HarrDusty

Sports On Earth: More praise for BroYo

Lot's of great quotes in this one from Todd and El Beeparino. My favorite is BP discussing how Frazier hit a dinger off of Bronson in a Spring Training game:

"Well, Todd got that funky little swing and so he can hit funky pitches like Bronson's. And that's what it's all about: Funky hits funky."

ESPN: Dave Schoenfield looks at the mysterious transformation of 2011 Badroyo to 2012 Goodroyo

Left handed hitters killed Bronson last year, slugging over .600. This year, he was able to get that down to .469. It basically comes down to his fastball placement. In 2011, he left a lot of balls up in the zone and over the heart of the plate. In 2012, he was able to keep in low and away where it can't be crushed.