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Prognosis on Cueto?

Cueto exits Game 1 after just one out.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

The Reds won their first playoff game since 1995 tonight. But it came at a cost. Hopefully, an ultimately small one. Cueto left the game after facing just one (and a half batters), clutching his side following a pitch to Marco Scutaro.

The official report is back spasms, a somewhat vague condition that can keep players out a game or a week or a month. Luckily, it's not a strained oblique or something worse.

We probably won't know anything definitive until at least tomorrow, but if Cueto is able to go in Game 3, or even Game 4 (if necessary), then the net effect of his early exit could be minimal.

For fun, here's the Spanish-language report on Cueto's injury from the Reds' official site. It tells us Cueto is officially "day-to-day":

Cincinnati dijo calificó el estado del derecho como día a día. El serpentinero recetó un strike al segundo bateador en el orden, el venezolano Marco Scútaro, y salió del montículo con visible dolor en la espalda. El dirgente Dusty Baker salió corriendo de la cueva y decidió sacarlo del juego momentos después.

The Reds won tonight, so we can do things like read the Spanish-language report from the game instead of completely freaking out.