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Open Thread: Cardinals vs. Braves (5:00), Rangers vs. Orioles (8:30)

IUPUI to beat the spread

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When I think of "play-in game," I think Altoid St. vs. Arkansas Pinewood or University of Illinois-Indiana University at Purdue University College Kansas (UIU-PUCK) against Marmot College.

That's not what this is. Although: Bud might have it in his head that baseball's playoffs can come to resemble the most successful tournament known to man.

This is our first look at baseball's new playoff format in which two teams, who probably don't have the two worst records among their league's playoff teams, get one game for the privilege of burning their best starter and playing the Nats or the Yankees.

I have a feeling the fanbases for the teams that: (1) lose in the play-in game, (2) have "home field advantage" in the 2-3 format in the NLDS, but lose -- are going to be upset with this new system. But you can't say it doesn't involve more teams than ever before.

You also can't say it doesn't involve putting the Cardinals in a tough spot. They'll be facing the unstoppable Kris Medlen, in Atlanta.

Here's the schedule for tonight:

Turner Field, 5:07

Medlen vs. Lohse

Ball Park in Arlington

Darvish vs. Saunders