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World Series Game 3 Open Thread: Giants @ Tigers.

Detroit am Nation's Capital.

Andy Lyons

Ryan Vogelsong vs. Anibal Sanchez

First pitch: 8:07

Hate to bring this up (but it's hard to have much of a stake in the World Series this year): the previous two times the Giants have gone back to the Midwest, they were in a hole. This time it's different. And since this is Bizarro Postseason, that means they're going to lose all three of these games. And the game will be played in the stands. And Detroit is the place where they make all those Severe Tire Damage devices.

Anibal Sanchez came over from Miami in a July trade, along with Omar Infante. In some ways, this world series is also the BIzarro version of it the Marlins hadn't had just gone on a series of fire sales and spending sprees.