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Farmers Only: AFL Week Two Update

Donald Lutz - Eating sausages and stealing hearts.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

We are through two weeks of the Arizona Fall League. Coverage of the AFL is spotty at best, and there isn't a whole lot of analysis to be found outside of the raw data of the box scores. But let's check in anyway and see how our prospects are holding up so far.



Current AFL Stats (7 games): .292/.370/.292 in 24 AB; 0 XBH; 1 RBI; 6 SB; 1 CS; 0 errors

Billy hasn't showed a whole lot of pop yet in his first 7 games, and is still looking for his first XBH, but he turned on the burners in week two, leading the league with 6 stolen bases. Personally, I'm more interested in seeing how he adjusts to his move to CF. In an ESPN article, Keith Law mentioned that he "looked like a guy that had never played the position." Johnathan Mayo was kind enough to respond to my query on the subject, saying that a scout told him that he should be just fine in the outfield, and with his athleticism he can play anywhere on the field. Billy has yet to commit an error, which is also a good sign, but I don't know how many chances he's had.


Current AFL Stats (8 games): .455/.471/.697 in 33 AB; 3 2B; 1 3B; 1 HR; 4 RBI; 0 errors

The Knockwurst had himself a great week two: leading the league in hits (15), batting average (.517), and slugging (.793) with two doubles and a two-run abwurfwaffe off of former Reds farmhand J.C. Sulbaran. He has yet to take a walk and has struck out 5 times in 8 games, which is a little concerning. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Herr Lutz has been trying to woo Heidi Klum and is thinking about dressing up as the Hulk for Halloween. He's the best.


Current AFL Stats (8 games): .345/.364/.414 in 29 AB; 2 2B; 4 RBI; 2 SB; 0 CS; 4 errors

I'm not quite sure what to make of the errors, as the Notorious Didi G had another this week, bringing his total up to 4 in 8 games - but the bat has looked mighty impressive so far. Scouts have reported that he has been swinging the lumber with authority and showing some surprising pop so far. I'm not concerned about his defense yet, as we've all seen what he can do with the glove.


Below are the stats for the Reds pitchers in the AFL. It's kind of ridiculous to analyze pitchers on a sample size less than 6 innings, so take these with however many grains of salt you feel is necessary.


Current AFL Stats: 3.60 ERA; 5 IP; 6 H; 3 R; 2 ER; 1 HR; 5 K; 3 BB; 1.80 WHIP


Current AFL Stats: 1.93 ERA; 4.2 IP; 4 H; 1 R; 1 ER; 1 HR; 7 K; 2 BB; 1.29 WHIP


Current AFL Stats: 3.18 ERA; 5.2 IP; 4 H; 3 R; 2 ER; 0 HR; 7 K; 4 BB; 1.41 WHIP


Current AFL Stats: 11.57 ERA; 4.2 IP; 7 H; 6 R; 6 ER; 0 HR; 4 K; 1 BB; 1.71 WHIP