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Red Reposter: Ryan Ludwick, offseason linchpin

McCoy looks at Ryan Ludwick, Andromache remembers a great season, and a St. Louis writer whines about the Reds.

Jamie Sabau

McCoy: Reds still want to sign Ludwick

In his news and notes column, McCoy believes that Ludwick should re-sign with the Reds, because Cincinnati gave the leftfielder the opportunity to revive his career. McCoy also trashes Alex Rodriguez before laying out a plan for a new playoff system. The plan involves the number one seed in each league getting a two-round bye that automatically places the top team in the championship series round. Under this system, each league's best team would get ten or more off-days between the end of the season and the league championship series. I cannot imagine that the players would be happy about that much time off during the postseason. The pitchers in particular might have an issue with the setup.

C-ing Red: 10 Awesome Things That Happened To The Reds in 2012

Andromache gives us reasons to smile despite the ending to the Reds season. In my opinion, number one is absolutely perfect, but I also enjoyed number four.

4. Johnny Cueto dodges DIPS regression again - While Cueto, like Frazier probably won't merit an end-of-the-year award, Cueto was fantastic this year. Though just one of many pitchers whose WAR somewhat understates what seems to be a repeated ability to prevent runs from being scored, Cueto is one of the best. This season finally puts to rest most of the troubling ‘regression' theories when it comes to Cueto. He's one of the best pitchers in the NL, and people know it now.

Concession Speech: 2012 Cincinnati Reds

Yahoo's Kevin Kaduk talks to Cincinnati's Mo Egger about the Reds season. The column is similar to Andromache's above, but Egger features some other highlights of Cincinnati's division-winning season.

Bernie Bytes: Cards must stabilize rotation

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz managed to work the Reds into a column about the Giants-Cardinals NLCS match-up. Miklasz took a potshot at the Reds' supposed lack of class or some similar Cardinals-generated falsehood.

They have declined to engage in the predictable victimization and martyrdom that we'd undoubtedly see from a team like the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds never hesitated to exploit even the smallest slight or offense (real or imagined) to whip up a manufactured storm.

• Had Holliday taken out Reds 2B Brandon Phillips the way he did Scutaro, I'm guessing the Reds would be depicting Holliday as a virtual criminal and a baseball terrorist. Reds manager Dusty Baker would have floated the idea of a conspiracy. He would be calling for a Holliday suspension. He may even have demanded a federal investigation. And the Reds would have found a way to blame Holliday's tackle on Tony La Russa.

Pete Rose: Hall of Fame unlikely but dignity still for sale

In case you missed it, the Hit King is trying to sell the document that placed him on the permanently ineligible list.

Contest to name new baby giraffe at Cincinnati Zoo down to 3 finalists

We missed an opportunity here.

Around the NL Central:

Brenly named Diamondbacks' TV analyst

Former Diamondbacks manager and Cubs commentator will become Arizona's color man on television broadcasts next season.