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Reds sign Dusty Baker to two-year deal

On the back of the news this morning that Dusty Baker was seeking a long-term deal, the Reds are set to announce that they have agreed on a two-year deal through the 2014 season. This will be the second two-year extension for Dusty, coming after his initial three-contract expired after the 2010 division-winning season.

I think there are many, many outcomes that could have been much, much worse than this. Two years is a perfectly acceptable length for the extension. Three would have been too long, and one would have been an insult to the guy who has led the team to two division titles in three years.

The Twitterati are weighing in, and the overall reaction is pretty negative, I guess. Just don't check the #Reds hashtag. Instead, you could follow all the cool people, like me and everyone else.

This was setting up to be a pretty nice little topic of discussion this autumn, but they went ahead and got it out the way right quick. I guess we can move on to talking about whether they will re-sign Ryan Ludwick, what they will do about Drew Stubbs, and if they will ever figure out who took a bite out of my grilled cheese.