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Dusty Baker wants a long-term deal

"I said three years, Walt. Make it three." UPDATE: It looks like they agreed on a two-year deal. Presser forthcoming.

Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

According to Hall o' Famer Hal, ol' Johnny B. isn't so keen on taking another short-term deal from the Reds.

The word on the street after the...ummm, unpleasantness...was that the Reds were offering Dusty Baker another short-term deal - one or two years - and that the Reds' skipper seemed amenable to that. Dusty's contract is up as of the end of this season, so they will have to work something out if he is to stay in the Reds dugout. But the new word on the street is that Dusty wants a long-term deal.

There is not indication given regarding just how long this "long-term" request is, other than to say it is more than what the Reds are offering. I would imagine Dusty is asking for three years, maybe four, and the Reds are likely offering two. For what it's worth, here are some quotes from Jay Bruce and Joey Votto on the matter:

Said Jay Bruce, "He is the only manager I’ve known and he is the one I’m comfortable with. He has been great to me, to the team, to everyone. I would love to have him back and I know he wants to come back, but there is a lot more to it than that. This is the team he wants to be with."

Said Joey Votto: "All I can talk about is my relationship, playing under him, and I’ve really enjoyed playing for him. I’ve learned from him. I have utmost respect for him and I absolutely love calling him my manager."

The #FARRDUSTY crowd is certainly full-throated and obnoxious, but the truth is that there are no obvious upgrades available. All evidence indicates that his players absolutely love playing for him. And while his in-game decision-making skills are perhaps charitably characterized as "blood-quickening", the fact remains that this team won 97 games this season and has won the NL Central in two of the last three seasons.

I would say the chances of Dusty Baker being the Reds manager next season are close to 100%. The real question then is will he be the manager in 2015 or not.