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Red Reposter: Rosterbation and other Links

The season is still over, and it still stings.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Fay: Speculation On Changes for 2013

Basically, Fay thinks they'll get the band back together, and no major changes will be seen. He expects Baker to return, as well as Price, but thinks Jacoby might be gone.

I've said it before, but I'm kind of indifferent on Baker's return as well as Jacoby, but Price needs to be retained as far as I am concerned. The pitching staff has made great strides during his tenure here, and I'd hate to see him go somewhere else.

Fay predicts that Rolen retires, Frazier takes over at third, Stubbs splits time with Heisey and Ludwick gets re-signed to a two year deal.

Pretty safe bets on the first two, but I would imagine that Ducky and his agent will be pushing for a three-year deal. If that is the case, I think that Walt should give him an atta-boy and a pat on the butt and let him go. As far as Stubbs is concerned, a platoon partner would be great, but if that can't work out, I'd be fine with him starting the year as the starting CF and number 8 hitter and waiting until the trade deadline to make a final decision.

Fay sees Chapman staying in the bullpen, especially if Baker returns, but thinks Broxton can take over if they move him to the rotation.

I kind of agree with the first part, but I'd still like to see Chapman get a chance to start. He looked great in Spring Training this year, and even if it doesn't work out, he could return to the pen to finish the season like he did in 2010. As far as Ol' Broxy goes, I hope we've seen the last of him pitching for Sinsee Town. I want nothing to do with a closer with diminishing stuff and a single digit K/9 pitching high-leverage innings in Great American Ballpark.

Posnanski schmoozes with Peter Edward

This is at times funny, insightful and sad, but altogether well worth the read. I think Cy Schourek was spot-on when he called Pete the walking definition of hubris. This also shows that, despite the Joe Pa mess, Joe Posnanski is damn good at his job.

Recapping the Division Series for the visually inclined

If you aren't familiar with him already, Craig Robinson is a Brittish designer that became a baseball fan later in life. He tends to look at baseball through a different set of eyes than those of us that grew up with the game. Here is his infographic analysis of the Division Series for Sports on Earth. You can find more of his stuff at his website, Flip Flop Flyin'.

Baseball: Theatre of the Absurd

Sometimes, being a baseball fan seems like a fool's errand.