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Red Reposter: Mourning Edition

Go Reds! They're my favorite team!

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Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Sullivan: Reds vs. Giants: Tales of Three Pitches

Fangraphs' Jeff Sullivan looks at a few defining moments in yesterday's game. Unfortunately, all the commentary focuses on three gut-wrenching plays for Reds fans.

Dusty Baker's postgame remarks

Q. What do you say to your team with a disheartening loss like this, after 97 wins?
DUSTY BAKER: You say to them, I’m proud of them and proud they fought to the end, which they did.
That at bat that Jay Bruce had was unbelievable. That was sheer determination. You’ve got to work a little harder this winter and this is going to take a while for this to heal, but like everything heals, sometimes you just get tired of disappointments.

Fay: Votto: It was frustrating

Votto had a good series, but he is still concerned about his lack of power following his knee injury. I do not think the power outage is anything out of the ordinary following a leg injury. Votto talked about his plate approach during the series: "Really I’ve got two choices, I can either try to stretch it out, try to hit homers, try to be something I can’t. Or I can try to shrink it down a bit and try to help out in the different way. I decided to do that. That’s the only option I had. I thought I did a really good job of keeping things in prospective and doing the best I can."

McCoy: ‘Hunt for Red October' dies hard

McCoy surveys the reactions of a few Reds players following yesterday's loss.

SAID LUDWICK, "That one pitch to Buster Posey broke open the game. The disappointment? Huge. From spring training I said this team was capable of winning it all. We went through a lot of adversity, losing closer Ryan Madsen, losing Joey Votto, losing manager Dusty Baker, losing Johnny Cueto. And we kept overcoming all that and that’s why I thought this season was not supposed to end. Certainly not like this. I just thought it was written in the book that we were going to go on to the next round today."

C-ing Red: The Reds Lost, It's Your Fault, And I Hate You

Andromache rages over the tough loss, but ultimately comes to a positive conclusion.

Brown: San Francisco Giants defense nails down victory in Game 5

Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News provides us with a view of yesterday's game from the other side.

Radel: Heads held high, fans still believe

After Wednesday's mess surrounding Jay Bruce's innocent comments, Cliff Radel takes the time to find some upbeat Reds fans who are happy to have a winner in Cincinnati, no matter what else happens.

Red Hot Mama: 40th anniversary of a Reds NLCS win

Amanda gives us some "This Day in Reds History" of her own with a look at the 1972 NLCS. 40 years ago yesterday, the Reds beat the Pirates by a score of 4-3 to capture the NL pennant.

Fay: Jocketty expects Baker, coaches back

Fay looks forward to the hot stove season. I hope that the Reds can hold onto Bryan Price as he has quietly become one of the top pitching coaches in the league.