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Mike Leake will start Game 4

No official word yet from the Reds, but the internet is atwitter with confirmation that Leake is the man today. [UPDATE] The word is official now. It's Leake.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The news on Twitter right now is that the Reds will activate Mike Leake to make the start in Game 4 today of the NLDS. The Fay says no decision has been made yet, and he's going to talk to Dusty here directly. But I doubt the internet would be wrong about this. This likely means that Johnny Cueto will be disabled to make room on the roster, which means he will not be available for the remainder of the NLDS and also for the entire NLCS (if it comes to that).

I'm not sure how to feel about this, honestly. The Reds had a few options here, and I guess we just have to trust that they made the right decision given the information available to them. Mat Latos threw 75 pitches on Saturday, so one could reasonably assume he would be available today to throw on three day's rest. He's never made a start on three day's rest before, but he did pitch Saturday in relief on just three day's rest. So take that for what it's worth. One has to think the Reds just aren't comfortable with the idea of running him out there again. Which may or may not be okay.

The big take away here is that Johnny Cueto is more hurt than we had hoped. The news has been encouraging up to this point, with Cueto saying he felt better and the Reds contemplating this long about whether or not he could pitch today. But this means he's hurt enough to need a solid week or two of rest, which totally sucks big fat honky apples.

Good for Mike Leake though, right? He gets a chance to make a post-season start and hopefully make up for his lackluster performance over the final month of the season. Hopefully we get "Mike Leake!" and not "Mike Leake?".