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Dusty hath returned

Welcome back!

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Dusty Baker is back at the helm for the first time since September 19. After an atrial fibrillation presaged what turned out to be a mini-stroke, Baker has recuperated and will be calling the shots tonight.

It's good to see him in the dugout. The team hasn't seemed whole without him. With Ludwick healthy, the Reds are back to full strength. Though he said he wasn't quite 100% hoping Dusty will be soon.

Dusty's mettle isn't surprising to those who have followed his career, but I was surprised to learn the Reds have gone 10-4 without Dusty. Other than give the "FARRDUSTY" crowd a nice piece of specious evidence, it also shows how on the pitching staff has been, despite an almost-team-wide hitting slump.