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An update on Dusty

Timing is everything.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

From our weekly injury update:

An update on Dusty Baker's status: the manager and guiding presence of the best Reds team in well over a decade is expected to return to the dugout on Monday. Baker's extended stay in the hospital did turn out to be more serious than an irregular heartbeat - he suffered a stroke. Acting manager Chris Speier (who has done a great job in Baker's absence) spoke to Baker on Friday and reiterated that "he's doing really, really good," as reported by John Fay. Baker's resumption of his role in the dugout is the last piece needed to get the Reds at full strength for the playoffs, a situation which will be unique for the team that hasn't been at full strength since the first month of the season. Timing is everything.