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2012 in Review

2012 in Review: The Starting Pitchers

The final chapter of our 2012 in review series... The best thing about the 2012 Reds caused it the most trouble in October.

2012 in Review: The Bullpen

Pretty much everyone was good.

2012 in Review: The Outfield

2012 in Review: Left side of the infield

Changing of the guards.

2012 in Review: The right side of the infield

A look at 100% of 2/3 of the DP combo.

2012 in Review: The Catchers

First, let me issue a plea: please give me new photos of the Reds, wire services. Your photos are great and all, but every time I go back to the well to put a photo in a post, I see the Giants celebrating their NLDS victory. In a locker room at GABP. CENSORSHIP NOW.