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Red Reposter - Everybody's linking for the weekend

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  • Ol' Hoss takes the mound tonight in Colorado
    It's been a somewhat disappointing season for Homer Bailey, but he can strengthen his claim to a 2012 rotation spot with a strong finish.  That starts tonight at Coors Field.  Hopefully the homer-prone Homer keeps it in the park.  Tonight's game is also notable for giving us a glimpse at two potential stars in the making behind the plate - Devin Mesoraco and Wilin Rosario.  Like Meso, Rosario made his debut this past week.
  • Ol' Man Luckhaupt writes about ranking the all-time Reds in the Enquirer 
    You've probably seen the Enquirer's Top 100 list, which, believe it or not, generated disagreement about the nature of rankings and valuation.   Here, the writer formerly but not formally known as Slyde talks about ranking a guy like Joey Votto, who plays a non-premium position and hopefully has his best years ahead of him:  "Basically, the best way to look at Votto is that he has already had two years of about 6 Q [WAR] as he moves into his prime. Part of the reason he doesn't rate as well as others on the list is because he plays first base. Even if he was a negative-fielding second baseman, he'd be worth about a point more (i.e. one extra win per year) than he gets for playing first base."  Here, John Erardi talks about WAR ["Q"] and where it ranks some notable Reds.
  • Lil' Joe is ready to take his chicken flap to a different stage
    From OMG Reds:  Know for his "Chicken Flap" batting stance routine, Hall of Famer Joe Morgan will be leading the throngs of herrens und frauens in the Chicken Dance next Saturday at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. Synchronize your Swatches and make sure you're at Fountain Square at 1:30pm Saturday, September 17 for it then that "Little Joe" will be presiding over what has become know as the "World's Largest Chicken Dance." 
  • Shut up!  Lutz carries Dayton to Game 1 victory
    Donald Lutz went 3-for-4 yesterday with a homer and three RBIs to lead Dayton to a 7-3 win over the Lansing Lugnuts.  Billy the base stealing kid was 2-for-3 with two RBIs, a walk and a run scored, and Jefry Sierra went 2-for-3 with a double, two RBIs.  SP and new FO favorite Daniel Corcino went six mathematically clean innings, allowing two runs on six hits and two walks while striking out six.  This was the opener of the best-of-3 series.  Game 2 is today in Lansing at Cooley Law Stadium.  Apparently, Cooley High was unavailable.
  • RLN takes a look at Reds' patches 
    This year the Reds have honored Sparky with a black patch with his name, but there have been several other Reds patches over the years, including Willard Hershberger, Powell Crosley, Big Klu, and Nuxy. 
  • There are grumblings about holdups in the supposed Astros sale
    Here, MLBTR links an article saying that the buyer, Jim Crane, has balked at moving his club to the AL as requested by Selig.  But the highly credible Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown says that's not the case.  There are several minor issues to deal with, but Maury thinks that "Jim Crane will likely be approved as the new owner of the Houston Astros. He (and Drayton McLane) will likely to have to wait a bit longer, possibly until as late as the next quarterly owners in November. But, whether or not Crane decides he's coming along for the "Astros to the AL West" or not, it's not the issue that's holding up his approval with the owners."
  • Dames on Games:  Drew Stubbs is teh hawt

After the section break, your Friday tweets courtesy of JCH.

  • @MissEnquirer: Happy birthday to @b_ham_3, #Reds prospect, Dayton Dragon and Man of Steal Billy Hamilton.
  • @jluckhaupt: Yonder Alonso has a chance to be the first #Reds rookie (min 30 PA) to bat .400. Current high is .384 by Ken Griffey in 1973.
  • @jon_bois Sorry everyone, but the world's worst apartment may have belonged to @sorryeveryone.
  • @DatDudeBP:   #YesSir Had a beautiful adventurous #DayOff in #Denver ... Great Outdoors at mountains, a crazy dinner (LOL), & a good offensive @NFL game
  • @petershankman: WARNING: DON'T CLICK TWEETS offering free clip of new Nickelback album. They link to free clip of new Nickelback album. (Tx, 'Coop!)