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Dang. Reds lose 3-0, wrap up losing season.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game


What can you say about Edinson Volquez that we haven't said a thousand times?  Here's something I'm not sure has been mentioned enough:  after today's effort (7IP, 6H, 3ER, 1BB, 5K), the Wagon reached a total of 196 IP for the season between the majors and the minors.  No, those innings weren't that great, and no, he did not perform at a level that would make his hindsight happy with turning down a 4 year, $16 million deal this offseason, but that's a full, healthy season in the books in which he finished strong.  Want to know exactly how many innings he threw in his breakout 2008 campaign?  196.  Now that it's his bionic arm doing the work (and since we know there's little to no chance he's going anywhere), here's to hoping this is his token Post-TJ season to work the kinks out before returning to ace form.  In a game this miserable, the only real Honorable Mention goes to Wagon's compatriot in Post-TJ odyssey, Jose Arredondo (1IP, 0H, 0R, 2K).


Key Plays


  • In a game that was by any account unnecessary and superflous (Super F. Lewis!), the biggest story and highlight came in the bottom of the first.  Jose Reyes, clinging to a slim lead in the NL's Batting race, put a bunt down the 3rd base line and reached on an infield single before being pulled by the Mets.  Mets fans were less than thrilled, booing after what may be Reyes' last AB as a Met.  He could have "pulled up lame," a la BP last night, but that would only hurt him in his first voyage into free agency.  My take?  Well, I just hope Ryan Braun goes 5 for 5 tonight and makes it irrelevant.
  • Oh yeah, the Reds played their last game today!  Guess what?  Edgar Renteria singled to shallow center in the 1st before being stranded, Chris Heisey led off the 2nd with a double before being stranded, Paul Janish (Paul Janish!) walked and was stranded in the 5th, and Joey Votto walked and was stranded in the 6th.  That's it!  That's unfortunate...
  • The Mets, on the other hand, managed to scrape across a few runs against an, all things considered, effective and efficient Edinson Volquez.  Remember how I mentioned that Volquez only walked one batter?  Well, we all know walks will haunt...and it did.  Wagon walked Willie Harris in the 4th, and following a David Wright infield single, Harris scored on a Nick Evans single.  Mets lead, 1-0.
  • Wagon cruised through the 5th, but hit trouble in the 6th.  Following an infield single by Josh "Lace" Satin, Mike Baxter smoked a 2 run HR to right field.  In a game that was the polar opposite in terms of excitement and anxiety from last night, that was that...Mets win, 3-0.



  • With the loss, the Reds finish the 2011 campaign at 79-83.  Yay! (2004 edition.)
  • Joey Votto (29 HR), and Jay Bruce (97 RBI) finished just shy of a few significant milestones.
  • Through 4 seasons as manager of the Reds, Dusty Baker now has a record of 322-325 (.498).  Through 4 previous seasons as manager of the Cubs, Dusty Baker had a record of 322-326 (.497).  Here's to hoping the Dusty era as Reds' manager ends with less animosity and more celebrations.