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Game 162 - Open Thread

With the 2011 Reds season mercifully over, we as baseball fans turn our attention to the tighter-than-a-nun's-WHOAWHOAWHOA Wild Card races. As of right this minute the Phillies and Braves are tied 1-1 in the 2nd inning, The Cardinals will play the Astros in 30 minutes or so, the Yankees lead the Devil Rays 1-0 in the first inning, and the Red Sox-Orioles game is scoreless in the second inning. If you're interested in watching, here's the channels (in Cincinnati anyway):

ESPN: Red Sox-Orioles

ESPN2: Phillies-Braves

All of the games are available on ESPN3 if you have it.

ESPN2 will pick up the end of the Cardinals-Astros once the Braves game ends.

Talk about whatever you'd like within reason, and ask yourself - Which fan would you rather see in 2 days?






That's what I thought. Go Braves, Astros, Orioles, and Devil Rays!