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Reds embeddable (sp??) video highlight of the year

We're going to be running a series of posts in the coming days that will re-cap the season's thrills and spills and allow everyone to vote on the org's best players in 2011. But I wanted to start things off with a softball. The nominees aren't necessarily the most important moments of the season, the most technically masterful plays or the biggest swings in WPA. But they were among the most exciting video highlights that I could find in the time I spent perusing and that also had accompany "embed" code. Which, after I giggled, I then posted after the jump.

The first half of the season gets short shrift here, as most of these videos are August or later. But rather than comb through the bootleg VHS archive over in Chuck's mom's basement, it seems just as easy to pit these - a la Web Gems - against the first half's reining highlight: