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Red Reposter/Retweeter - Enter the Devin

Hello Kitty?  Are you wearing that ironically or is this still 2008?
Hello Kitty? Are you wearing that ironically or is this still 2008?
  • Devin Mesoraco feels like he's on a good pace
    "It seems like a long time in the minor leagues," Mesoraco said. "But this was kind of the pace I was hoping for when I was drafted. I'm right where I want to be right now." I'm trying to think back, but I don't think there has been a Reds catching prospect as anticipated as Mesoraco since Johnny Bench. Is that right? Am I missing someone?

    Here is Dusty's plan for The Golem: "The first couple of days, we'll have him catch some bullpens," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "There are some guys he hasn't caught and some guys he hasn't caught in a long time. He'll be in the bullpen catching, learning, making sure he knows all our signs, making sure he knows all the little things. Much like when (San Francisco's) Buster Posey came up last year. He didn't just jump right in the lineup. He eventually took over. Right now, (Mesoraco's) got to get comfortable. I told him to have his ears open and his eyes alert and ask as many questions as you can ask in the short period of time."

  • Status updates - Leake and Rolen
    Mike Leake hopes to "finish the year" and hopes the Reds don't shut him down. This is the kind of thing you expect to hear from a professional athlete, as drive and dedication are not insignificant factors in a player making the big time in the first place. Walt has said he's getting close to his cap though, so I expect Edinson Volquez to come up from Louisville and take his place.

    As for Scott Rolen, it's up to him whether or not he wants to play this month.  Baker:   "We'll see.  We have plenty of bodies.  It's more him possibly wanting to play than us pushing him."   

  • ESPN's SweetSpot family of blogs
    catalogs what is most important for each team over the next month. Our friend over at Redleg Nation Chad Dotson submits the Reds' report:

    "September will be most useful in determining what the young guys can do. Uber-prospect Devin Mesoraco, a highly-regarded catcher, has been called up, along with guys like Yonder Alonso and Todd Frazier. Unfortunately, Dusty Baker believes that the most important thing for Cincinnati to accomplish is saving his own job. Thus, the youngsters are likely to sit in favor of Dusty's Veteran Brigade."

    This was likely submitted prior to the demotion of Fred Lewis, and I don't know if that has changed Chad's thinking or not, but it looks like Dusty will be forced to play some of the kids at least most of the time. LF looks to be exclusively staffed right now with prospects, as Chris Heisey, Yonder Alonso, Dave Sappelt, and Todd Frazier are the only left fielders left on the roster. 3B looks to be the domain of Juan Francisco until Scott Rolen comes back, if he does.

  • As Europe's nominal baseball representative, Holland is making a serious push to host an MLB game in 2014
    Somewhere, Alexander Smit is taking for granted legalized marijuana, prostitution, and abundant Dutch babies. When Juan Francisco heard about this, he lustily grunted in hungry anticipation. Then he clicked the link and stormed out of the clubhouse in a frightful rage, punching several holes in the wall down the hallway and putting his foot through a Pepsi machine. Many players complained later that the floor in the hall was still sticky and Bronson Arroyo instinctively turned to Mike Leake and said, "My bad, homies!" and offered a high five. Leake rolled his eyes and accepted.


  • Chalk it up as something of a lost season for Juan Francisco
    Two poorly-timed stints on the disabled list have kept him from taking advantage of opportunities at playing time. With Scott Rolen on the shelf for extended periods, El Nino Destructor was slated to pick up the slack. But each time Rolen has gone down, END has had his own problems and was unable to answer the call. That has meant a lot of playing time for the ageless Miguel Cairo. Francisco's presence on the roster now should give us opportunity to see what the Reds really think of three of their best prospects. Francisco, Todd Frazier, and Yonder Alonso have seen time at the hot corner so far this year, and it serves to reason that the one Dusty writes in the most is likely the most favored. With Cairo playing as much or more than both Frazier and Yonder in the past month, my guess is it's Francisco's job to lose. At least until Rolen comes back, again, if.

  • Have a nice fall! Braun trips on attempted inside-the-parker
    Hijinks in Miller Park ensue after Ryan Braun laces a ball to the CF fence. Following a misplay by the Cardinals' CF, Braun goes for broke but trips on the way home. He gives up on the play, Cliff Lee-style. From the stands, Reggie Miller acts as if he'd just been called for traveling.

  • Former Red and Charlie Scrabbles' favorite Danny Ray Herrera has been traded to the Mets
    He heads to the Big Apple as one of the Players to be Named Later in the Francisco Rodriguez deal. One recalls the old adage, "there are no small trades, only small players".


  • Lisa Horowitz:
    RT @dodgers: On this date in 1939, Brooklyn #Dodgers and #Reds were the 1st clubs to appear on TV, the 1st game of a doubleheader.

    This was exactly a week and 72 years ago today, which is really a long damn time ago.  What do you think Frank McCormick would say if you got in a time machine and went back and told him that in 72 years someone would mark the occasion of the first televised baseball game with a tweet?  He seems like the kind of fella that would punch you in the face for insinuating that he was a poof or a Mary or whatever pejorative they were using for homosexuals back before the War.  We've come a long way, baby.

  • Chris Sabo's Goggles:
    #HatsoffCin for giving Yonder Alonso some much-needed rest. Another few weeks and he should have enough energy to pinch hit. #Reds

    I'd like to think Yonder's lack of playing time is due to some secretly genius plot that is actually a good idea or something like that.  That's really the only explanation for it I can stomach at this point.  Also, from what I've heard #HatsoffCin won the hashtag contest for whatever the contest was.  That's cool or something.

  • Johnny Bench:


  • jason hickey:
    I wouldn't have wanted to live in a world where Louie Anderson was the Cousin Larry Appleton to Bronson Pinchot's Balki Bartokomous. #TGIF

    This seems an odd parallel universe to worry about.  Personally, the parallel universes I worry about the most are the ones where Hitler choked the British into submission at Dunkirk, where Dr. Jonas Salk went into his father's insurance business instead of inventing the vaccine for Polio, and the one where women's underwear fashion stopped evolving at the Bloomer's. 

  • John Fay:
    Alonso has looked good in left today. No really tough plays, but he's been solid 6 or 7 chances. #Reds down 6-4 after 7 1/2.

    This is looking more and more like it will be a shame.  I'm not sure at this point what kind of bat Yonder is, but he's looked nothing short of special in his brief stint so far.  I'd love for him to do so as a Red, but I get the sense that he will be traded.  Hopefully for something good.