T0day is hte greatest da yy od your life

Today, Johnson Arroyo was really bad. This is a gayme recap. Buut I'm not sober enough to does a real one with a graph that I make. I'm really really drunk i think. In the first inning bRonson gave up a nothing. But after that I think he was bad. Then he ... someone told em to right a game recap or i wouldn't be doin h this . So aynways. He was bad after that. He let Ran Brayun and Prince Fielder and maybe even Kasey Kotchamn hit homeruns. Girls are stupid. I'm afraid your son is mentally retarded. I'm afraid that means he;ll never be not retarde. So, Joey votto hit a good hit and we gscored smoe runs and the puppy has cancer. Holy shit I'm drunk. I could probably pitch like bRonson arroyo right now. I' m watching something on tv and that's where the puppy got cancer. Afeter that ejerem horSt came in and he did bad too. It ihnk he gave up a home run to ryan Braun too. And John axford pitched and there as a double play. Then Ramon Hernandez wasn't very good and everyone cried hysterciically. I think this show is Americal Dad. The fir's boobs just got big and there's a gyu named tear jerkrer. Ther's a jiy in Beignjing. And Butte and lONdon.everyone is suppose to die and have celileverity babie sto on live. noooo1 tihis isnt' over smith. Any ways. I hope ywe sign joey votto to a long extesion. He's really good at basedvall. Nobody is as good as joey Votto. I falbert puhols was Joey V otoom he awould not even be as go Tere is a chimp in it? od at joey Vototo. Has anyone seesd planet of the apes/ I love you sexpot smith. but it's okay. Iwon't remener this tomorrow. The end, my alohold blodd content if you w/ere at best buy and they wer el ike . You know how much it is? Thats more thatn this Thiat's how muchn it is. lIke atn invisible butt. I think next year we need to sign a lot of really good playerl That will make us perttter than the other tams and they weill be worse thatn us. We being the Reds. Go team@ you are really good :)

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