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Red Reposter: Yearbook signature time

"It feels so empy this time, but great job anyways."
"It feels so empy this time, but great job anyways."
With pitchers bowing out and just two home series left, everybody's getting all retrospective in here.
  • The latest on Johnny Cueto 
    is that his season is likely over. At minimum, he will not make his next start. Cueto seemed to agree with Dusty's assessment that he was probably done for the year, but as Hall o' Famer Hal reports, the story changed slightly when he switched over to Spanish: 
    "I don't know if I'll pitch again at this point," said Cueto through [his translator] Vera. "I want to throw but it hurts and I feel sore and it is painful right now. The doctor today told me I will lose the next outing and we'll see how it progresses to see if I can pitch one more time."
    Hal has some more nuggets, including a discussion with Jay Bruce about Roberto Clemente following Bruce's nomination for Clemente's namesake award.
  • Former Reds' media impresario C. Trent chimes in too 
    The story, as picked up by the baseball blog arms of CBS and NBC is that Cueto is done for the year and will not taste the sweet wine that is the ERA title (it's a Pinot Grigiot, Selig Vineyards).
  • Redleg Nation asks, "What is the plan?"
    A valid question, after an underwhelming 2010 offseason was a prelude to a disappointing 2011. I have no doubt there is a plan, inasmuch as everyone paying attention knows that the holes are in LF and the starting rotation - and to a lesser extent 3B and SS, depending on the health of Rolen and Cozart. Playing the young dudes acknowledges those gaps, but whatever outside work is done this offseason will be the art of what deals and signings are possible. And it will also be played close to the vest. So while we might never know the inner thoughts of Jocketty, it will still be a dissappointment if nothing decisive is done this offseason. Trusting the New Class of talent can be perfectly sane strategy, but competing next year involves honest stock-taking. I'd be comfortable with the level or risk that says there's an in-house solution to shore up either 3B or LF - just not both. And the rest of the division won't be standing pat.
  • Doug at Reds Minor Leagues reviews those Zealots of Zebulon, the AA Carolina Mudcats
    Carolina hosted a breakthrough season by Neftali Soto and a disappointing, but teachable one from Donnie Joseph.
  • Blog Red Machine talks Yonder 
    But I thought it was morning in Alonso? BRM compares Alonso to Hal McRae, a player with similar mobility issues that the Reds dealt to the American league, and then explores what AL teams might be shopping for a DH. This discussion has been raging all season, so I'm sure to repeat myself. I would really like to see Alonso and Votto in the same lineup for at least a season - to the point where I'm willing to indulge his 3B fantasies. But everything from the mgmt - mostly a Juan Francisco infatuation - suggests it's now LF or bust. Since Alonso's trade appeal may be limited to mostly AL teams with a 1B/DH need he's less likely to be integral to an offseason trade that brings in a starting pitcher, especially since it's hard to trade from a position of abundance (1B )to a position of scarcity (#2 starter?) So if he can succeed as a left-fielder, at least as a counterpart to Chris Heisey next season, he can stick around for two years with a potential return to 1B if and when Votto departs.
  • Baseball Prospectus launched Cot's Contracts 2.0 (at some point)
    in its Compensation section, which is an interactive, sortable version of the cot's contracts site. It's a  powerful tool and allows users to breakdown what percentage of payroll a player occupies, look at past payrolls and project future payrolls. There are some shortcomings. The database uses BP's WARP, which makes Bronson Arroyo out to be a 1.05 win player. It also lists Arroyo's full salary, rather than his salary minus deferred money. I guess no one knows what to do with Bronson right now.

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