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Red Reposter - the final homestand

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  • Extending Cordero an option
    As has been discussed plenty around here, the Reds hold a $12M option for Francisco Cordero next year with a $1M buyout.  The team is almost certain to reject it, seeing that Cordero would not fetch that kind of price in a crowded closer's market this winter.  But according to Walt Jocketty, the two sides have discussed a contract extension "quite a bit.  We haven't made a final decision. Hopefully, we'll address before the end of the season."  No word on the length of an extension, or the numbers.  Stay tuned.
  • Baker balks at bloggers' bellyachings
    There are few managers as likable as Dusty Baker when the going is good, but darker times bring out his ornery side.  When asked by Fay about whether Mesoraco would catch Volquez on Sunday, Baker wanted to know who's driving the questions:  "I get so tired of everyone wanting to know my lineup before I even print it.  This coming from you, John, or is this coming from bloggers?"  Does it matter?  
  • The Reds start their final homestand of 2011 tonight
    It's been a disappointment on the field, but even with a sluggish economy the Reds have drawn respectably.  The team has averaged about 27,500 per game, their best since 2004.  That's well behind Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee, but also ahead of Houston and the resurgent Pirates.  Their per game increase of 1,747 is among the best in baseball, behind only the two 2010 pennant winners, Milwaukee, and three other clubs that had more room for improvement (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toronto).
  • Still looking for the first win
    Dontrelle Willis takes the hill tonight against the Cubs.  He's made 11 mostly cromulent starts, walking too many but also keeping the ball in the park and generating a decent number of groundouts and strikeouts.  He'll match up against Rodrigio Lopez, who the Reds saw just last week in L'affaire LaHair.
  • Dragons Fall 4-3 in Playoff Eliminator
    The season is unfortunately over for the Dayton Dragons after dropping Games 2 and 3 of the league's quarterfinals to Lansing over the weekend.  They lost the deciding game 4-3 on Saturday.  Billy Hamilton went 3 for 4, and Tucker Barnhart and Theo Bowe chipped in with two hits.  Kyle Lotzkar got the loss, allowing four runs (three earned) in five innings.  He struck out six but walked five and allowed a home run.