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Red Re-tweeter: Reversions/Perversions

The Reds lost the series in DC, despite the fact that I said they shouldn't. With the Pirates coming up tonight, I got to thinking that - along with the Nats - they've been the standard bearers of bad baseball in the National League in recent history. Any time the Reds' record dipped below that market - or they simply lost a series to them, - it was cited as a sure sign the season was bottoming out. But now the Reds find themselves in a gray, mediocre middle, going 3-9 against PIT and WAS, with the same record (4 games below .500) as the Nats and the Pirates just a loss behind both. 

So are the Reds experiencing a temporary setback in their ascent? Or have they reverted to back to the Lost Decade after just a year away, with the upstart Nats and Pirates passing them in the night. All three organizations have been lauded for recent developmental moves and made serious leaps forward in the draft. The Reds are still in the best position to bare fruit from their farm right away, but it's not reaching the win column.

Well, but here's something on about Reds' 2011 pick Chris Buckley and the torrid beginning to his pro career.

Kristin Zenz: 
How does Harang, with the Padres (bad offense), have an 11-3 record w/ a 4.08 ERA? If a Giants pitchers had that ERA they'd be 2-12.

The bizarro inversion of Harang's last three seasons in Cincinnati and this year in San Diego is totally mind-bending. He's a winning pitcher on a bad team again, which must be bittersweet.

Brendan Cartwright:
Jonny Gomes and Austin Kearns both have the same number of career home runs (117)... one behind Corey Patterson.

I think this is may be a vital cryptonumerical link in the Nationals-Reds code. We just have to "STEAL the Collective Bargaining Agreement" (National Pastime II: Dusty's Gold).

Dontrelle Willis: 
Mike leake out did me in bp today lol. #reds

Funny, DatDudeBP didn't mention it. It's cool that Leake and Willis can both swing a bat. But as the horrible-hitting Cueto demonstrated this week, it's just a sideshow.

Miss Enquirer: 
#Reds improve to 1-0 in games in which Miguel Cairo records his 1,000th career hit. #HatsOffCIN

Joel Luckhaupt:
And 5 Guys is delicious. RT @MissEnquirer And Five for Fighting is 1. RT @morinap: Ben Folds Five was 3 people. So naturally Maroon 5 is...6

Sixpence None the Richer is only three. And I think those guys might actually be none the richer now. Unless they can sell some songs to Hunter Pence. Which gives me a terrible business idea.

"And that swing wouldn't have broken a piece of paper." Marty commenting on the weak offering by Paul Janish. #reds