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Red Reposter - So, uh...What's going on, Walt?

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Is this gonna be a thing?  Are we gonna have a thing?
Is this gonna be a thing? Are we gonna have a thing?
  • Before we dive into our pre-weekend (or preekwend, as I like to say) links, I'd like to make another formal call for possible taglines for the site.  The voting earlier this week was brisk and robust, but by no means the end-all, be-all.  My esteemed comrades and I want to be as democratic as possible in this process, so if you have any further suggestions we'd love to hear them.  Or if you feel strongly about any of the aforementioned candidates, we'd love to hear about that, too. 

    Now, your preekwend links:
  • Redleg Nation brings up a very interesting point
    "Does anyone think it means anything that Walt Jocketty’s contract is up after the 2011 season, and not a word has been mentioned in the media about an extension or renewal?"

    This is...well, it's something, I guess. I would say that the silence on the issue is because the conclusion is foregone - Walt is going to get a contract extension and very little fuss will be made in the process. But it certainly does beg raise the question. Does he deserve an extension? How would you evaluate his tenure? Is it possible that this disappointing season brings out the impetuous Banana Bob and Dusty gets fired, Walt does not get re-signed, and we see yet another regime change?

  • Paul Daugherty never passes up an opportunity to howl at the baseball-economics-is-unfair moon
    "There is something fundamentally messed up about a sport which doesn’t allow all its teams to keep their best players. Joey Votto will make $17 million two years from now. It says more about baseball economics than about snarky sportswriters that trading Votto is a conversation topic already."

    I won't even lace up the gloves for this again, as I've grown too tired of it to fight the battle once more. Leave it to Joey though to bring some levity, clarity, intelligence, and reasoning to the conversation: "You’re never going to win if you put too much emphasis on your superstars. It’s such a shared responsibility to win. I won the National League MVP, and in 85 percent of the games I wasn’t changing the game. In the NFL, if I’m the MVP quarterback, I’m changing 12 out of the 16 games, maybe higher. Superstars can be overrated in this game.’’ If we don't re-sign Walt, can we make Joey the GM?

  • Johnny Cueto's ERA is down to 1.96 after yesterday's gem
    which currently stands as the best in the NL. Let me tell you a little story: Two roads diverged in a red wood. And being two pitchers, there they stood. Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto chose different paths, and that has made all the difference.

  • Brandon Phillips will likely be out of the lineup through the weekend
    He was plunked on the elbow on Tuesday so Paul Janish has filled in at the keystone sack. It seems like it's nothing more than bruising and swelling, so hopefully he'll be back in the lineup soon enough.

  • Dusty Baker says Zack Cozart will be given every opportunity to earn the starting SS job next spring
    but it will not be given to him outright. This is as it should be. Though Cozart may be the best SS prospect the Reds have produced since Barry Larkin (Pokey Reese, maybe?), that is more damning with faint praise than anything else. He only played in a handful of games as a Red, but he impressed Baker and that's a lot. "He looked good. He looked very good. ... He's going to have every opportunity. That's what I can do. I can give you the opportunity. The rest is on you. It was his. Of all the young guys who have come up, he's looked the most ready to play winning big league baseball in all phases of the game."


  • The Reds represent quite well on Baseball America's Best Tools list
    both in the majors and the minors. Perhaps most exciting is that Devin Mesoraco is rated as the best defensive catcher in the International League. He's had questions about his receiving in the past, but it looks like he's cleaned himself up quite a bit. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks (as long as he doesn't get the Alonso treatment). Also of note, Joey Votto is awesome and Aroldis Chapman is a freak.

  • Reds historian Greg Rhodes is curating a tour of the old site of Crosley Field at 10am on Saturday
    That's 10am at the corner of Findlay and Dalton on the West End if you are interested.

  • Stadium Journey reviews Louisville Slugger Field
    Overall they rate the experience as a very good one, with good food, good baseball, ample parking, and a ton of fun stuff to do around the ball park.

  • Anemic Craig Counsell really does share the record for longest hitless streak
    After checking over the historical data, it has been confirmed that both Bill Bergen and Dave Campbell held the record at 45 hitless ABs, which Anemic Counsell tied last week. In his very next at-bat though he earned a single off of now-historical-footnote Enerio Del Rosario, eliciting a hardly-noticeable fist pump and a nearly-inaudible "he's a gamer" from Thom Brennaman.

  • Howard Megdal at MLBTR gives us some historical perspective on the Ubaldo Jimenez Trade
    He compares Jimenez to one Ernie Broglio, who the Cardinals traded to the Cubs in 1964. The career stats of the two are quite similar at their respective times of trade. Of course, no one really remembers the Ernie Broglio Trade - but not because it wasn't significant. We know it more colloquially as the Lou Brock Trade, because ended up being the best player in the deal. The question posed is, "is any one of the pieces the Rockies received going to be like Lou Brock?" Time will tell, but in the meantime this is a cool read.

  • A short history of Tony La Russa's complaints
    Brewers Bar compiled a short history of Tony LaRussa's complaints. Man, what a malcontent! Who knew?! My favorite: In 2009, he sued Twitter over a fake Tony La Russa parody account. HT to Rob Neyer.

  • In case you had not heard
    Dave Cameron of FanGraphs and USS Mariner in particular and the Internet in general was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The good news is that his first round of chemotherapy has produced positive results and there are no signs of cancer left. Fellow FanGrapher Carson Cistulli made up a WPA graph of the titanic struggle, which is one of the nerdiest and also most entertaining commentaries on cancer I've ever witnessed. Also, please give blood.


  •  Kerry Moss:
    Cueto sucks in 8th inning / RT @jluckhaupt Focusing only on what a player does poorly will likely cause you to miss what they do well #Reds

    Sounds like a pretty damn good candidate for a new tagline, yeah?  Word up, Drew Stubbs.

  • Miss Enquirer:
    RT @JPosnanski: Great to see Tony La Russa get his old Kansas City A's teammate Arthur Rhodes.

    I don't know if this is a joke about how old BAMF Arty Rhodes is or if it's actually true.  I'm not going to look it up though.  I want to revel in the magical uncertainty.

  • Dontrelle Willis:
    Another tough one. Cant feel sorry, gotta keep grindin and most of all keep the faith.#reds#flocka

    Dontrelle Willis - The Platitude Platypus.

  • ctrent:
    Great news -- @d_a_cameron is cancer-free! still more fight left, but this is great news. Best wishes to Dave.

    Again, please give blood.