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Red Reposter - Ubaldo Jimenez speculation central

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The umpire is writing, "Charlie Morton is a suck."
The umpire is writing, "Charlie Morton is a suck."
  • The Ubaldo Jimenez speculation is just starting to hit full stride
    Remember, we have 12 days until the deadline, so things still have time to get really, really nuts. John Fay takes a crack at putting together a hypothetical package to get to much-coveted ace:

    "I think for the Reds to get Jimenez it would take Homer Bailey, Travis Wood or Mike Leake, one of the young catchers Devin Mesoraco or Yasmani Grandal, a young prospect like Billy Hamilton or Yorman Rodriguez and another lesser prospect."

    I don't know about you, but I think I would balk at those demands. That's two major-league pitchers, one of the top five catching prospects in the game, a raw youngster with an All-Star ceiling, and a "lesser prospect".

  • Jon Heyman has a different analysis of the potential package to net Ubaldo
    as he thinks Yonder Alonso, Travis Wood, and Edinson Volquez could get it done. I don't know about you, but KA-CHING!! Of course, this package is even less likely to be legit. I can't imagine Volquez' trade value is all that high right now.

  • Speaking of Volquez
    Walt Jocketty says "He will return when we are satisfied that he has accomplished and improved on the things we sent him down to work on. There is no timetable." Specifically, Volquez needs to work on not walking every GD guy who steps into the batters box. You know, a quick look at his numbers indicates that he's actually been fairly good this year, outside of the 6 per 9 walk rate. If he can get that down below 4 I think he'll be an effective pitcher, but until then he'll toil away in Louisville (or get traded to the Rockies ka-ching).

  • Scott Rolen got the night off last night
    which, as far as I can remember, is the first time he's had back-to-back off days all season. "We've got to space him," Baker said. "He's not going to come and say, 'Hey skip, I need out of here.' I can sort of tell by things."

  • Joey Votto makes FanGraphs list of the most valuable players in the game at #7
    "There’s no question that Votto is a premier player in baseball, and if the Reds could have gotten him locked up sooner, he’d be several spots higher on this list. But with just two years and $27 million left on his deal after 2011, it’s tough to put him any higher than this. Breakouts like Votto are exactly why teams are becoming so aggressive in trying to get their young stars locked up early, because the Reds are now facing the reality that they might lose him in a few years. His next contract is going to be nutty, and it might not come from the Reds."

    Those words of caution about locking up young players should be cut with a caveat about risk. Sure, locking up players turns out swell sometimes (Evan Longoria is #1 on this list due in no small part to this amazing contract) but it can also cripple and organization if that player ends up injured or ineffective.

  • FanGraphs Power Rankings
    has the Reds at #12. Also, this tender, all white-meat nugget of statistical curiosity: "This past week’s BABIP’er of the Week was Drew Stubbs, who clocked in with a .833 BABIP during the shortened week of play." If only he didn't strike out 30% of the time he'd have a hit like EVERY TIME with that speed!

  • You still have time to get your tickets for a night out at the ballpark with John Fay and Paul Daugherty
    $20 gets you a field box ticket and admission to a Q and A session with Fay and Doc at the Hall of Fame before the game. This is your chance to finally get an answer about why the Reds were wearing those green hats or if they know anything about Jim Day and his alleged misdeeds.

  • Tom Verducci at SI thinks the Reds have disappointed through the first half
    but they haven't (yet) played themselves out of it. He says the key player to the Reds' success for the second half is Edinson Volquez. He calls him "the ace of the staff" which really only serves to cause me to question Verducci's judgement.