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Red Reposter - It's a new season

  • Reds take two of three from St. Louis
    Looking to put behind an ugly and underachieving first half, the Reds came out of the gate strong this weekend, securing an important victory and series win over St. Louis yesterday.  A loss would've put the Reds five back of the lead, perhaps too great to consider the team a credible threat as the trade deadline approaches.  Albert Pujols quieted the crowd on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday his bat was conspicuously silent in going 0 for 4.  A good start for the team's post-ASB run.
  • Speaking of the ASB, C-ing Red takes a look back at 5 Reds All-Stars you may have forgotten
    Bip Roberts might not have been on the Reds long, but in 1992 he put up the kind of year we all dreamed Ryan Freel might've had. Roberts played four positions, split equitably between the outfield and infield, accumulating 5 WAR on the strength of a .393 OBP and 44 steals.
  • On to Pittsburgh
    In his second Reds start, Dontrelle takes on James McDonald Charlie Morton and the Bucs tonight.  He's been a welcome addition to the clubhouse, per BP:  "He's a great teammate. He's one of my friends. Just hearing him on the bench during the game, he's keeping everybody into the game. He gives good motivation to the team. We really needed somebody like that to come here, other than myself."  The Pirates are in the middle of a critical part of their schedule, facing the Cards, Braves and Phillies after us.  Hopefully the Reds can start the Pittsburgh KO this week and thin the crowd at the top of the Central.  
  • Hal - say no to committees
    "Q: Couldn’t the Reds go to a closer by committee with Nick Masset, Aroldis Chapman and Bill Bray for the rest of the year and let Coco Cordero go for a prospect or two? — Keith, Brookville    A: There is nothing worse than trying to get something done by committee. It usually takes a month to get something done by committee that should take one day."  I don't really understand his objection.  It will take longer to get saves if opportunities are parsed among several pitchers?
    As for why Coco, Hal responds:  "Twelve million reasons, as in $12 million a year for Cordero to be the closer. That doesn't make it right, but a closer is a closer is a closer. Remember when Los Angeles Dodgers closer Mike Marshall appeared in 106 games in 1974? He appeared in 13 straight games at one point and pitched 2081/3 innings, all in relief. And his "out" pitch was a screwball, a pitch that is extremely hard on the arm. No, Coco isn't Mike Marshall, but appearing three days in a row shouldn't be a burden. He just needs to do his job." Elsewhere, Hal ruminates on his bucket list, otherwise known as "next weekend's plans."
  • Fay bangs the "Free Heisey" drum
    Heisey’s home run ratio is 14.3 per at-bat. He doesn’t have enough at-bats to qualify as a league leader. If he did, he’d be second in the National League in home run ratio to Lance Berkman (11.3).  Actually, at 14.3 HR per AB, I submit that it would be impossible for any mortal to match Heisey.  Removing my sarcasm font, Baker makes a good point about expecting too much based on part-time samples:  "That’s dangerous to do.  Some guys play every day ... you start averaging with guys like Oscar Gamble they’d have 50 home runs and 172 RBI.  It doesn’t work like that."  Just imagine how high that afro would have been with regular playing time.