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Red Reposter/Re-tweeter: Starting over

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One of these is not like the other. It's Jay Bruce - he's not an infielder. 

Go Reds.
One of these is not like the other. It's Jay Bruce - he's not an infielder. Go Reds.

Spotted near the banks-y of the Ohio
It's a Brandon Phillips stencil tag. OMGReds noticed this "BP for pREDSident" iconography on the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. Why does it exist? That's anyone's guess. Excuse me while I exit through the gift shop. After buying an hand-numbered BP Shepherd Fairey print, some BP jello molds and BP temporary permanent neck tattoos.

Saturday they're giving away the Aroldis Chapman action figure
What else do you need to know? Goes to the first 30,000, so you won't have to pretend "it's for my nephew." They'll just give it to you. Googled "Aroldis Chapman action figure" and a product called "Fathead Fat head Aroldis Chapman Cincinnati Reds" at came up. It's $84.95.  Bought it because I didn't think I had a choice.

Jon Heyman sez The Reds and Phillies match up well
with the Padres. As trade partners. I guess the Reds are looking for a right-handed OF bat and relief - at least according to Heyman. But why? I know Gomes was frustrating to watch for much of the first half, but do you know what he's doing against lefties this season (in 62 PAs)? .360/.468/.580. He's been a monster against them. Chris Heisey also bats right-handed, though it's anyone's guess what his "real" splits are. I do not want Ryan Ludwick at all. Health Bell? Yes.

There was also a rumor floating around about JD Drew (a lefty). Maybe he'd be a marginal improvement against righties over Lewis, with an AL East to NL Central bump. But probably not in overall value in LF over Heisey. Gomes and Heisey are capable of combining for about an .775-.800 OPS over the second-half. Not great for LF, but better than any trade bait being mentioned.

Red Hot Mama wants Thom on the masthead of Awful Announcing
They're having a contest to replace Joe Morgan. Personally, I'm not proud of this distinction being an endless procession of figures associated with the Reds. But if you ain't winnin', you might as well reach for the powerful salve of ridicule. 

Redleg Nation breaks down the Reds first half offense by position
It's no surprise LF and SS were the laggers. I expect both position's production to be improved (by internal means) over the second-half, especially considering the three current LFers are all above the average OPS listed for the position.

Baker is still impressed with Bailey
Dusty Baker was impressed with Homer Bailey Sunday. "He’s learning quick," Baker said. "He’s going to be everything everyone projected him to be." Bailey took the loss and gave up three runs over 5 1/3 innings. But his stuff was what had Baker gushing. "He was throwing the ball as well as I’ve seen him," Baker said. "He had more velocity. It seems like he’s gaining velocity. I even saw a 99 up there." 

Baker also has opinion on K-Rod
I don't hear Baker mention payroll often. It's true that Milwaukee has taken some on recently and that's got something to do with getting the Schlemiels, Schlimazels and Hasenpfeffers (Incorporated) packing into Miller Park. Walt's played this trade deadline very close to the vest, possibly for fear or internet leaks, so I haven't heard him say anything about the Reds being willing to add payroll. 

Joe Posnanski surveys the Ducks on the Pond
Lineup construction might be overrated, but there are few other daily decisions that let fans gripe about what a terrible job their manager is doing. Pos takes a look at who's getting the most RBI opportunities for each team as a way of evaluating lineups. For the Reds, the most RBI opportunities are going to Jay Bruce (248 runners on base), Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto (234 each). With a better no. 2 hitter, Votto should get some more opportunities. Even with the extra caution pitchers now have in facing Votto, he's still driving in an impressive 20% of runners on base. Most of the Reds' primary run producers are above the league average of 14%, with the surprising exception of Ramon Hernandez (13%). Earn that moniker, CMM!

Baseball-Reference Blog looks at Park Factors for 2011
It's a small sample size of only a half-season, but Coors Field and Rangers Ballpark are the two runniest. 

Join me, won't you, after the jimp-jomp for TWEETS OF THE WEEK!

Tweets of the Week:

Ken Davidoff: 
The last time the NL put together a multi-#ASG winning streak, just 1 player - Scott Rolen - from tonight's NL squad was active. #Reds

I didn't know Rolen was active in the late 1960s! There's no guarantee Rolen will get into the Hall via the writer's route (the Veteran's Committee should be kinder), let alone as a Red. But I hope he can finish strong in Cincinnati and help cement his case. Rather than play like he's on the Senior MLB Tour.

Dontrelle Willis:
Great day for baseball today baby!!!! #reds#flocka

Listen up, cynics. Beyond an improvement on Volquez, Willis may be a much-needed enthusiasm injection for both fans and clubhouse.

Emily Poynter:
Listening to Chris and Thom today sounds like I'm watching The View. #wtf #Reds

Because one of them acts like they're married to a football player and the other looks exactly like Whoopi Goldberg? I'm not sure what the parallel is here exactly, but it's a funny comparison just the same.

Joel Luckhaupt: 
Jay Bruce is just the 2nd #Reds player to record 20+ HR in each of his 1st 4 seasons. The other was Frank Robinson. (h/t @STATS_MLB)

Joel, that's mean. Not to mention that Joey Votto is going to be the third.

Chris Sabo's Goggles:
Bad News: I got busted by a red-light camera. Good News: You can, like, totally see my #Reds license plate cover.

And it's a hell of a license plate cover.