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Farmers Only: Easiest Farmers Only Ever

Bakersfield was the only Reds affiliate in action last night.  So this hardly seems worth posting, but here you go anyway.

  • Bakersfield won 6-5 in 11 inningsRyan LaMarre, Mark Fleury, and Dayne Read each had 2 hits.  LaMarre also stole 3 bases, bringing his season total to 30.  Dude may not ever have any power like I'd hoped, but he certainly looks like a possible future leadoff man.

Since that was so short, what else should we discuss?  Who is watching the US take on France in the women's world cup today?  Who is seeing the Harry Potter movie this weekend?  Who really really really wishes Walt would trade for Ubaldo Jimenez?  Who is terrified that, instead, he is going to trade for Ryan Ludwick?

Oh, here's a fluff piece about how the Bats have so many MLB ready guys.