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Red Re-tweeter: I love the Night Light

<strong>IS THERE A CHAPMAN EFFECT?</strong> I don't know, but I hadn't realized his arms were that big. I'm going to scale back the nicknames.
IS THERE A CHAPMAN EFFECT? I don't know, but I hadn't realized his arms were that big. I'm going to scale back the nicknames.

The Reds are back from the Sun Belt to play their cross-state faux-rivals, so it's hard not to resist cueing up The Pretenders' "Back to Ohio." And why it's hard is because that song automatically plays in my house whenever someone says "Ohio," "Reds," "Indians," "Pretenders," "nostalgia," "the" or claps their hands. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

There's really no other place to turn than Red Reporter, and our own J. in AZ, for behind-enemy-lines coverage of Ohio Cup: Round II. Around Baseball Nation, there's been some stock-taking at the halfway point. John Bois looks at the history of where divisional leaders stood on July 1. Not surprisingly, it's well within the realm of the possible to win the division from 2 games back at the end of June. The difference this season is that a four team race lowers all ships.

I also want to take this time to acknowledge the existence of a heavyweight fighter named Wladimir Klitschko. Other than being a terrifying, Eastern bloc name for a guy who has probably (at least) maimed anyone who pointed out the obvious anatomical reference in his last name, it also reminded me of Wladimir Balentien, who is still in Japan.  Current NPB line: .285/.383/.593. This was slightly more relevant about a week a go, but I wanted to get it off my desk. I think Slyde beat me to it also.

Now, to the Tweets:

Miss Enquirer: .
"@jboyle1970: Taubensee? ... Poor #Reds catchers 11 SB, 10 caught stealing in 11 seasons. #Reds

"Taubensee" always sounded to me like some forgotten Gaelic expression. "Do you think you're grand-uncle keeps his whiskey in thair?" "Taub 'n' see!" I shudder to think what would happen to Ramon's power if he was able to successfully steal a base. Not that it matters at all, but there's no catcher speed coming up the ranks either. Grandal and Meso have combined for 1 SB in 2011.

Bradley Center:
@redreporter I made this shirt for you! Pretty dope right?

Anyone who has achieved F-list celebrity or better launches a t-shirt line. So Red Reporter needs to get back on the stick. I do sincerely appreciate the effort here by Bradley, who I'm almost completely certain is a Person and not an Arena or Community Center. It's a little bit possible I'm being messed with, though maybe a fisheye effect is the way to go. RR shirts: should we?

Chris Garber: 
#Reds are now 25-7 with Chapman on the roster. Were 15-31 while he was gone.

Critics dismissed the Scott Rolen Effect when the sample was this size too. If he's in a good headspace and finding the plate, I'm very happy to have Chapman back. I still get psyched for the possibility of him making an appearance on any given night. And that excitement may well translate to a trace amount of abject fear in the opposition.

Justin inhisbasement:
I missed David Laurila's March piece on Yasmani Grandal. But it's worth a read. .296/.410/.510 in A+, promoted to AA.

As the Rangers know too well, catching riches can turn into fool's gold. The Reds have an embarrassment right now that's pretty much unrivaled. Jazz Man gets the fourth-most attention, but is quietly putting together a double-LP, Live at the Village Vanguard caliber season, continuing to hit (though not walk yet) at Carolina.

We're looking forward to the @datdudebp kid's nightlight giveaway on July 24. Really. OMGtoddler needs a nightlight. Really.

While I don't really appreciate being called OMGtoddler, I have been shopping for night lights since my Nermal from Garfield 10 candle power one melted. I'm sick and tired of tripping over my K'Nex roller coaster in the middle of the night and having to rebuild it the next day.

Bienvenidos @JohnnyCueto a twitter! #Rojos #Reds

This is old news - and Cueto still hasn't tweeted anything new since I attempted to welcome him to Twitter en espanol about a week a go. But I'll take any chance to generally celebrate what he's doin' right now.