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Red Retweeter: Tweets of the Geek

Joel Luckhaupt: 
Jay Bruce has 9 HR in his last 14 games. That's a pace for 104 HR during a season. I think he can keep it up. #Reds

"The Steroid Era rolls on. Oh, brother!  Bruce is on the Juice." Said this guy I beat up.

John Fay: 
RT @Mcapeto @johnfayman when votto is gonna hit a home run again? Maybe 2012?//at 9:39 tonight

Unless it's possible to tweet about something that happened in the past, from the future (yeah right), John Fay is an incredibly powerful clairvoyant. All hail John Fay. He's my new overlord, I guess.

Joel Luckhaupt: 
Stubbs has 26 strikeouts in his last 63 plate appearances. #Reds

You say that like it's a bad thing. That's a less than 50% strikeout rate, Einstein. I'm being told that's not good. I guess Im a real Einstein.

Chuck D is a fan of @DatDudeBP, the NL's leading All-Star votegetter at 2B.

Unless I'm horribly mistaken about who Public Enemey is, this man is not Chuck D. And it's going to Take a Nation of Millions to hold me back from that conclusion.

Redleg Nation: 
Heh. RT @eachnotesecure: Gave my son an all-star ballot, he's says "sounds a little risky Dad, what can you win?" #Reds

My laugh at this was more Beavis, like "huh-huh." But on the serious, if that boys Dad wins the All Star Game, who gets home field advantage in the World Series. The Reds? The Reds.

@johnfayman Paint It Black is a damn good walk-up song, indeed.

Wholeheartedly agreed. It always makes me think of the end and credit sequence for Full Metal Jacket. Which is appropriate, because wearing a jacket full of metal is the only way to defend yourself from Joey Votto.

Joel Luckhaupt: 
@OMGreds I'm thinking of starting ENTreds for all of your Ear, Nose, & Throat Reds related news.

And I'm going to undercut you with Red ENTrails, an ENT-related Reds blog targeted to the railroad and mass transit industry.