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Red Retweeter - Sam-I-Am down with the program

If he ever gets his 'stache into Corky territory, can we start calling him "Yosemite Sam"?
If he ever gets his 'stache into Corky territory, can we start calling him "Yosemite Sam"?

Some tweets of the week for you, as Jeremy Horst has been escorted from the stables and the scuttlebutt is that Aroldis Chapman is back with the team:

  • Sam LeCure:
    If you were ever wondering what I drive, I drive a Ford 'Mustache' #cornelius  I don't know about you, but this guy is quickly becoming my favorite player on this team.  Between Sam and BeeP, we have an incredible team twitter presence, no?  Oh, and be sure to follow the link to the tweet so you can see the picture that accompanies it.

  • JotaEseTheGeek:
    #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey #Heisey  Somebody had a liiiiiiiiittle too much ecto-cooler with lunch.

  • Brandon Kraeling:
    ECTO COOLER BITCHES. 3 homers for Heisey? #Reds  It's pretty amazing what one good game can do to change my disposition.  After an ugly week of listless offense, Heisey's three homer barrage has me revved up.  I am again convince that this is a good baseball team.

  • Brandon Phillips:
    Naw, I change them every month... RT @charthurn10: @DatDudeBP did you change your walk up song in the middle of the game?  Be sure to check out the Jukebox thread and suggest a new walk-up song for BeeP.  I would wager that if we asked him super-nicely, he'd take our advice.

    3B Ramiro Pena is the first #Yankees player to commit three errors in a game since Miguel Cairo on July 7, 2007, against the Angels. #Reds  And who was playing 3B opposite Pena in that game?  None other than...oh, Scott Rolen.  Cairo played 3B in the first game of the double-header.  But still, the coincidence is almost Twilight-Zoney, isn't it?

  • ctrent:
    Paul O'Neill on YES Network about Northern Kentucky: "From living here, I'm telling you, you're better off in Cincinnati" #Reds  I don't live in the tri-state area currently and I've never lived there, so I have no frame of reference here.  But if I were to move to the area, where should I live?  What say you, Cincy-area Red Reporters?

  • Chris Sabo's Goggles:
    It amazes me that "stuff" is the best thing people have come up to describe a pitcher's abilities. #Reds #Yankees  You know, I never really thought about it, but I think he's right.  "Stuff" is probably the least interesting and least descriptive word we could use to describe how a pitcher does what he does.  It's like calling the beginning of the universe "The Big Bang".  It's just so...inadequate.  I much prefer to call it "The Horrendous Space Kablooie". 

    So yeah, I think we need a new word to describe pitcher ability.  Suggestions?

  • Miss Enquirer:
    Fred Lewis leading off, Stubbs batting sixth?! Dusty must have had an extra Mountain Dew this morning. #Reds  I am perfectly happy with Stubbs' production so far this year, as he's posted an impressive 112 wRC+ thus far.  The strikeouts are obviously disconcerting, but I'd much rather have them from the lead-off spot where he's less likely to have runners on base than in the 6th spot with Jay Bruce standing on second base. 

    Conversely, Fab 1-5 Freddy has been swinging a hot bat of late, as he's OPS'd 1.275 over his last 10 games.  I'm cool with giving him a shot at getting on base in front of the big bats as well.  It's never a bad thing to have too many options.