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RR Jukebox: The Drewster Crows, BP comes to bat

With most precincts reporting and 146 votes in, I'm prepared to declare "Rooster" by Alice in Chains the winner of the Red Reporter Alternate At-Bat song for Drew Stubbs, by a decisive 27% plurality. Maybe the two-party system ain't so bad.

Time to focus our attentions on Brandon Phillips, at once a difficult nut to crack - given the number of At-Bat songs he's gone through in the past few years - yet arguably the most known quantity among current Reds, given his level of engagement with fans.

Like last time, use this thread to throw out some suggestions for what song you would like to hear when Brandon Phillips digs into the batter's box. (Obviously, this will have no bearing whatsoever on reality, but I will tweet it and mention Jamie Ramsey.) I'll put 5-6 of those into a poll, along with (a representative sampling) of Phillips' songs, post it separately and see how the vote comes down. From there, we'll add it to the Red Reporter playlist of alternative walk-up music.

Here's Phillips' current repetoir, which might may well have completely changed since I started writing this post:

"Forget You" by Cee Lo

"Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown

"I Can't Help It" by T.I.

"Hustle Hard" by Ace Hood

"Racks" by YC 


I like "Forget You," even if it's the radio edit, but it doesn't really capture Phillips' sunny outlook on life. Keep for Cardinals games only. And just swallow the FCC fine.