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Red Reposter - The Spirit of '77

<em>"He's a throwback player."</em> But at least in this case, it's more than just a vaguely racist canard.
"He's a throwback player." But at least in this case, it's more than just a vaguely racist canard.

UPDATE: This just missed the Reposter's press time, but it's well worth taking two clicks, via TheC's fanshot, to soak up coverage (ESPN video + article) of Brandon Phillips' Twitter magnanimity. 

The Legend of BIlly Hamilton has made its way to the top of 30 Rockefeller 
Which is, where I assume, NBC's Hardball Talk is based. Hamilton's season in A ball at Dayton is characterized here as "disappointing." And despite leading the entire minor leagues with 53 SBs, that's fair enough. Hamilton turned 20 last September and is currently sporting a .230/.293/.321 line in 267 PAs. Our Farmers Only staff would tell you much better than I, but many a successful big league career was full of fits and starts in the minor leagues.

ESPN's SweetSpot Blog calls David Ross the Best Backup Catcher in the Bigs
This is relevant to the Reds in several ways, all of them annoying. I'd forgotten that the Reds "named Paul Bako the starter" in 2008, a fact this post dredges up. Meanwhile, Ross was reaching base 38% of the time. He basically matched Ryan Hanigan's current production in a 1/3 of a season's worth of PAs , while playing pretty good defense, but was released in August '08 by the Reds. He threw out 48% of basestealers in 52 games the next season. I know this doesn't matter at all now, given the team's catching riches, and I agree that Ross is probably exposed in a starting spot, but the Reds certainly didn't use him properly.

Also, I'm guessing this post considers Ramon Hernandez a co-starter with Ryan Hanigan. Because that guy is nominally the back-up to Hanigan on games played and he is real good, check him out.

John Erardi ponders what moves the Reds should Reds make to shore things up
Assist from Slyde on this one. It's nice to see a full-throated defense of Stubbs get some mainstream play. I don't actually know if Erardi reads Red Reporter regularly, but maybe he could name-drop us next time he's on Reds Wrap? I just want to hear my name on the TV. Either that, or can someone start calling into sports radio and yelling "ManBearPig! MeanBearPig! RijoSaboCaseyWKRP is the King of All Media?"

I agree that the team has to find a place for Cozart soon, but I'm conflicted on the pitching moves. I'd like to get a look at the staff with Bailey returned and an improved Leake and Volquez. An innings-eater (read: underwhelming trade target) would probably be the upper-end for what the Reds could land at the deadline. As for a left-handed bullpen arm, we could see Wood or Willis there soon. And that might work.

Blog Red Machine chooses its Top 5 Reds Trades of the Decade
Hard to argue with Stevens for Phillips, though - let's not rush to judgment - Stevens has only appeared in 4 games with the Cubs this season. And what about Edinson Volquez? We got our Opening Day starter for someone off the Rule 5 Draft heap.

The new-look OMGReds has your BP Wristband Update 
It's a picture of himself on both of his wrists. Along with his signature. If I'm not mistaken, people used to get mad at Barry Bond for that. But it doesn't seem very offensive - or surprising. It just makes him seem like he's from the future, where everyone scans their arms to "gain access" to the "reactor core."

Five homers and five stolen bases in the same game by one team is hard
The Yankees did it last night and it's only been done 8 times since 1919. The '77 Reds did too, but they were just showing off at that point.

Bask in the comfort-glow of homemovie shot at Shea Stadium during Tom Seaver's first post-trade return
Also happened in 1977. Those were the Wonder Years. 1977 may have been some kind of space-time crossroads, which will be come retroactively important in the future round about when everyone has head shots on their wristbands.

Cordero 20th (now 19th) on all-time saves list
CoCoo picked up save 303 on Monday, which tied him with Doug Jones on the all-time list. He got 304 Tuesday to move into a tie with Jeff Montgomery for 19th. It's true you almost never see Cordero jerseys. And that makes sense, inasmuch as he only appears in one inning every couple games. But he's earning back some goodwill this season.

A pictorial recap of the #VOTEREDSLUNCH
I'm not sure who won, but it should be whoever drank canned Hudy and what appears to be three kinds of puddings.

One of those "living the dream" draft stories I like reading this time of year
This time, it's about Ryan Kemp, who hails from Columbia, MD, and was picked in the 14th Round by the Reds. He's been dispatched to Billings.

Hamilton-Volquez trade revisted, by Sports DFW - No I don't want to revisit that right now. How do I hit the backspace button?