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Game 34: Reds @ Cubs

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Chicago Cubs

Sunday, May 8, 2011, 2:20 PM EDT
Wrigley Field

Johnny Cueto vs Ryan Dempster

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing in from center field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 65.

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Here's that fifth and final consecutive day game. These things seemed so charming just 24 hours a go, but now I'm ready for the darkness to descend again. And if all these doomsday theorists are to be believed, that's going to happen permanently very soon. 2012, at the very latest. While there's certainly plenty of negative emotions to go along with the impending end of the world, there are also plenty of wise crackers who can enjoy the smug satisfaction of having said "It'll be Armageddon before the Cubs win another World Series."

Apologies for the apocalyptic mood. Yesterday's loss, for all its horror, was another sign that the pitching may be much better than the first month indicated. And it's time to welcome Johnny Cueto back to the starting rotation. Cueto had the best season of his three year major league career in 2010. He's pitched 14.1 innings of rehab in Louisville, and while the results weren't that pretty, let's hope he got the tune-up he needed. His counterpart, Ryan Dempster, is off to a pretty miserable start. The best course of action is for the Reds to channel their frustration, buck the trend of helping struggling pitchers get right, and put up some early runs to form a welcoming cocoon around Cueto. Sound good?

17 - 16


Lost 1