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Game 32: Reds @ Cubs

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Chicago Cubs

Friday, May 6, 2011, 2:20 PM EDT
Wrigley Field

Edinson Volquez vs Matt Garza

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing east at 10-15 mph. Game time temperature around 65.

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The baseball player is a mostly nocturnal creature. So three day games in a row is a lot of vitamin D for the boys. The team was 31-26 (.544 winng pct.) during day games last season. Thus far in 2011, they've played 13 of 31 games during the daytime and gone 8-5 (.615). This team doesn't seem to mind playing in natural light. And last season, they loved playing the Cubs - home or away - going 12-4 against them.

Edinson Volquez looks to build on a pretty good start against the Marlins. Only one time did Volquez allow a run in the first inning during that game. And that was, as far as earned runs go, it for the rest of his outing. As that meticulously researched FanGraphs article reminds us, control is often the last thing to return after Tommy John surgery. Volquez can make 4 walks/per game manageable. Anything beyond that is beyond the pale. The only proven way to go deeper into the game is to throw fewer pitches.

Reds hitters will face Matt Garza for the first time since the 2009 World Series in My Head. In reality, only Fred Lewis, Ramon Hernandez, Edgar Renteria and Miguel Cairo have faced him. Lewis has the least microscopic sample against him, with 3 hits in 11 official at bats. So here's a moment of cognitive dissonance for Dusty: stick to your guns with Gomes as your starter or opt to start the guy with the most experience (though a negligible amount) against Garza? Garza is a righty.

16 - 15


Won 2