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Red Reposter - A Quick One While They're Away

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The Reds are on at 2:20 PM EDT today. Here's all the news that's fit to re-print.

John Fay explores the Jose Reyes speculation stoked by Jim Bowden
Bowden put the Reds at #4 on his list of possible destinations for Reyes. I think that about answers any follow-up questions. This speculation is both idle and wild. It's Idlewild. Most everyone that has watched Jose Reyes baseball has probably wondered, at some point, "Could that man be on my team?" The answer has always been "no."

For reference: the SweetSpot post by Jim Bowden
Kindly linked by GlennBraggs[...] You may not have known that "ESPN's baseball blog is expanding its roster to include former Reds and Nats GM Jim Bowden." Shiny, shiny, shiny, pants of leather.

Ultimate Astros: Bill Hall rips umpire, calls lack of accountability ‘ridiculous’
If you missed it, Bill Hall All-Star Bill Hall was tossed from yesterday's game for showing up the home plate umpire. Here's what he said to an Astros' beat writer: Q: Was it one of the called strikes that got you mad? A: One of? He missed the first two. Weren’t strikes. I didn’t really say anything to him, and once I got out of the box, he was yelling at me, cussing me out, telling me to get the (expletive) in the box. You don’t rush anybody else to get in the box. Just because I disagree with the pitch, I still didn’t say anything to you about it, so there’s no reason to rush me into the box. It seems perfectly appropriate for an umpire to command a player to get back in the box. And if baseball is interested in keeping the games moving, they should encourage umpires to do it more often. One commenter said: "Bill Hall is terrible!"

Because Ichiro is just so darn interesting
Here's some analysis of him. I only read the first part of the title, but I think the article is about whether Ichiro exists or not. He might be a Superman, fully or partially holographic or some kind of astral plane projection.

SI's Power rankings have Cleveland Indians at No. 1, with the Marlins, Royals and Pirates as gainers
What is GOING ON? Maybe this really is the last baseball season before the Apocalypse. And that recurring SI feature, "This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse" (or whatever) was chillingly prescient, albeit slightly premature.

Tweets of the Week:

John Fay:
RT @joshie2284: Did you see Jim Bowden's article on Reds trading for Reyes today?//yes. Trade would put minors back in shape JB left them

You wouldn't have to totally gut the farm system for a half-season rental, but I know a burn when I see one. And this is at least second-degree.

"I refer to him as Jeff Brantley.The name his parents gave him when he was born.Brantley is a cowboy like a fat guy is called Tiny"#aksMarty

Unfortunate, but possible subconsciously intentional, analogy. It's possible Brantley earned the Cowboy title by doing things a Cowboy does in leisure time. Sitting around a fire waiting for beans to cook. Spitting. Wearing a holster.

Joel Luckhaupt:
That's 48-straight starts where Votto has reached. Only Joe Morgan has had more as a #Reds player.


"This may be sinking to the depths of abject disaster today." Marty referring to the Reds' recent offensive woes. #reds #letsrallyhere

Can't fault him for the same negativity I displayed during the first 8 innings of that game. But this is pretty overwrought. I think the phrase I used was "complete embarrassment." Slightly less wrought.

Reds Fan Central:
#Reds News: Rolen feeling better, undergoes acupuncture

The way this reads, it kinda seems like Rolen was feeling too good. So, to remedy that, he decided to stick dozens of needles into his skin.

John Fay:
RT @curt_davis: @johnfayman what is Volquez's record in day game starts?//

In the very near future, if not right now, this is how we will answer all questions. "What school did you go to?" "" Can't blame Fay for affirming that he is not, in fact, a baseball encyclopedia.