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Game 29: Reds vs. Astros - POSTPONED, will be played Thursday

They're not even gonna bother with this one. Inclement weather in the forecast all evening pushes tonight's game to Thursday at 12:35, where it will become GAME 31.

From the Reds:

Tonight’s game with the Houston Astros has been postponed due to the forecast of steady rain throughout the evening. The game has been rescheduled for Thursday at 12:35 p.m.

Fans should keep their tickets. Their tickets are their rain checks. Fans should check the back of their ticket for specific instructions.

John Fay brings the unofficial news that Homer Bailey will be Thursday's starter.

The 'pen could probably use an extra off-day. And so could the whole team, for that matter. Maybe it'll short circuit the W-L-W-L Fibonacci series the Reds are stuck inside. So consider this an "Open Thread." Plenty to talk about right now, including:

  • Baseball should probably be subordinate to some monumental international news stories
  • 3rd base? Um...
  • Whose spot does Bailey take? And what are the corresponding moves?
  • Predicting the outcome of every Reds game for the rest of the season