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Farmers Only: Arredondo time?

  • Louisville lost 8-1Scott Carroll got beat around a bit in his start, leaving the bullpen to pick up the slack.  The Bats left Jose Arredondo in for 2 full innings and 45 pitches.  In those 2 innings he gave up 3 hits and a walk, but also struck out 3. Leaving him in for that long is curious.  I can think of 2 possibilities.  One, they wanted to stretch him to see if he could handle long-ish relief duties in place of Mike Leake or Sam Lecure, or two, they knew he had to leave his rehab assignment after the game and wanted him to get plenty of work.  Either way, I'd expect to see him with the Reds on Friday.  The only hitter of note in the game was Todd Frazier, who went 3-4 with 2 doubles.  He's now OPSing .905, putting up impressive numbers just in time for Scott Rolen to return and his services to no longer be needed. Up Next: Chad Reineke takes the hill at 7:05.
  • Carolina lost a tough one, 7-6Daryl Thompson was decent, allowing 2 runs (1 ER) in 5 IP.  Brad Boxberger gave up a run in his inning of relief to take the loss.  David Cook was 3-5 with 2 doubles.  Up Next: Travis Webb gets the always enjoyable 11 a.m. start.
  • Bakersfield lost 2-1, which is funny, because just a couple of days ago I asked in this very forum if that team would ever play a 2-1 game.  Ask and you shall receive, I suppose.  The Blaze's best starter this year, Pedro Villareal, was very good again, going 7 IP and giving up 1 run.  He struck out 5 and only walked 1.  Ryan LaMarre must read FO because after being a stale prospect last week he has turned it up.  He was 3-4, raising his average to .279.  Up Next: A rare afternoon game for Bako (you're welcome, BK!).  Curtis Partch takes the hill at 6:30.
  • Dayton won 4-2Daniel Corcino had his best start of the year, going 5.2 shutout innings while striking out 6.  Every starter had exactly 1 hit, except for Billy Hamilton.....who had 2 hits!  One was a double, and he also walked and stole his 24th base.  David Vidal hit his 3rd homer of the year.  Up Next: Daniel Tuttle tries to get his season on track at 7:00.